“I had sex in the park with a co-worker”

I have this guy friend.. we were co-workers for two and a half years. Everybody knew him as funny and flirty. He has been in a relationship with a store manager from a sister store (everyone knew that too) for years. Well I started actually working with his shifts (graveyard shifts), because I was having problems with my then-current bf so I moved out of town and closer to where I worked, except I was by myself living with roommates so therefore I had to pay more bills and find rides to work, because I have to give up my car to pay rent. Me and Frankie would talk about our problems whenever we worked, and he offered to give me rides home (around 3am) which I was fine with. About two weeks after I moved into my new place, I broke up with my bf. I also learned more about Frankie; I learned that he’s in a open relationship with his gf but they are more like friends and roommates with a title. She just doesn’t want to know (complicated I know.)

So Frankie and I eventually got closer and would go to the park and hang out after work, (we would either play pokemon go, or smoke weed occasionally, just as something to do with each other.) One night during work, I was complaining that my back was hurting, so he offered to massage it after work…well we went to the park and it ended up in a FULL body massage, then we had sex. He hadn’t had sex in 6 or 7 months, and I haven’t had any in 4, so we both needed it.

We became friends-with-benefits, no feelings at all, then we started to hang out a lot more and run errands together and go to the movies and to eat together. Needless to say we both have feelings and still have sex, but say I love you after every phone call, we are like bf/gf without the title. His gf eventually found out and they broke up, but are still friends and roommates because not much has changed. None of my friends know about this situation or co-workers because they would all probably think I’m a whore. But Frankie and I are in love, but are complicated and don’t want to complicate things more, but still want to be exclusive and have no plans and breaking away from each other. We are like best friends but in a relationship that nobody knows about. And it’s been an entire year since the night we first had sex. I’m so confused because I want to be with him but idk what we even are? Helppppp please!


3 thoughts on ““I had sex in the park with a co-worker”

  1. Anonymous says:

    First off I would find new more supportive friends. Secondly, why does anyone need to know how you got together? Thirdly, talk to him and ask him what your relationship is and where you both see it going in the future and that will answer your question.

    I don’t foresee it lasting very long, because neither of you are very secure and both seem very immature, but hey, maybe you’ll prove me wrong and be together a long time.

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