“I’m stuck between by boyfriend and his brother”

I need some advice on a crazy situation. I had been dating this guy for a year now, and awhile back I started going to school with his brother.  I kinda started to like him because I had gone to school with him before I dated his brother,  and then we started to secretly date. We did acid, all 3 of us, and it was fun, but that is where it all started .

I really thought I was in love with my boyfriend’s brother, but then he fell super in love with me and started to freak out and stress, about not being able to date me. Then his aunt saw us kissing at school one time, then his parents found out, but they said that they wouldn’t tell my boyfriend, because he is unstable with that kind of news. Then it just got worse. The next thing I know, we come back around and I get supppper blacked out drunk and told my boyfriend about his brother.  But I said I didn’t want to be with his brother. They felt so bad for me though, because I was crying and trying to kill myself.

So they told me to just choose, and that they both love me. But then his brother started saying he was going to kill himself if I wasn’t going to be with him at school. So this has pretty much happened 3 times, like never ending. I gave his brother hope of being with me now, and then he kept begging me to have sex with him and I kept saying no, and then he bought some coke and said it is was for us to “fuck” on.

I wast sure about it and I didn’t really want to, because I was finally getting my relationship back with my boyfriend and I love my boyfriend, he is my first love and I am still in so much love with him. Then I ended up getting peer pressured into doing coke and fucking his brother. Then his brother one day got mad because I wouldn’t accept his calls, and told my boyfriend about it and then his brother told him he can’t watch me and my boyfriend be together, because he would kill himself or drink.

So my boyfriend said he can’t be with me anymore, and his brother told him I wanted to have sex with him and that I fucked him. But then my boyfriend texted me and said we can still date, but his brother can’t know about it, because when I am dating him,  they fight a lot.

And now his brother is still trying to have sex with me again, and trying to kiss me at school, all the time without my boyfriend knowing. And so now, me and my boyfriend are dating without his brother knowing. I don’t know what to do, pleaseee someone give me advice on what to do. I am stuck and I don’t even know what to do anymore.

2 thoughts on ““I’m stuck between by boyfriend and his brother”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dump both, inform school authorities and block them all from social media. You are only responsible for your mental situation and not anyone’s else’s. I do think you need professional help now. You have a addictive personality and need help with getting away from alcohol and drugs. You can’t be in any kind of romantic relationship until you get that taken care of. You have to take care of you first and be healthy to have healthy relationships and they need to take care of them.

    If you think one of them is going to harm themselves or you call the police. If you feel one is stalking you call the police. Get away from them at school. Even if you have to have a friend walk you to class. These are highly toxic relationships.

    Good luck. I believe in you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree whole hearted with the above comments. A very unhealthy pattern has been formed in your triangle that will never change. Between the drinking and drugs and threats of suicide it is clear there is way to much going on for a normal healthy relationship.
    Please find help through your school counselor if there is no one else to turn to. Go directly there and if you can’t explain it show them your story. You deserve better options.

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