“My crush has turned into tension”

For the past few months, I have developed a crush on this guy at school but I’ve always been too afraid to tell him or even talk to him. However, one night whilst I was staying at my friends house, I told her that I liked him and she had convinced me to message him to initially start fresh and sort out our differences ( because of this argument we had last year ), so me feeling brave this night, decided I would do it.

He replied not too long after, being rather worried but I didn’t see this message because I was asleep by the time he replied ( like 20 mins after I know ) so I got woken up by him calling me over and over. Continue reading

“My fiancé thinks I have too many issues”

I am a 29 year old medical student. Doing well academically, but this year has been hard. You see, after my sister passed away in 2013, I withdrew from medical school for some time, to take care of my parents. I eventually gave up. But I later realized I still want to do it, I made a promise to my sister I’d get back in it.

In the mean time I met this girl, things were decent, we had our differences, but it worked. She wasn’t career oriented, I was, and I eventually got back into medical school. I was doing very well, till the doctors told me I needed open heart surgery. Continue reading

“He wants a friends with benefits relationship”

I’m 15, I’ve been talking to this guy that goes to my school. We are friends but we flirt a lot and talk about wanting to be more than friends. Neither of us want a relationship and he wants a “friends with benefits” type of thing which I am really on the fence about.

I really like him and I want to have that with him but I am a virgin and he isn’t. I wouldn’t mind losing it to him it’s just I have feelings for him and I don’t really think he has feelings for me. I want this type of relationship with him where we hang out and talk and have sex but not date. But if we have sex and he doesn’t want to continue this or just stops talking to me after a while or something. I would be super upset because I really like him. Basically I want to, but I don’t want to get hurt and there are a lot of ways this could end badly. What do I do?

“I love him, but he’s lazy with no ambition”

Hello, first time here. My boyfriend and I are both 21, dating for a little over 2 years now. I am in school and have future goals, while working part time and freelancing for myself. On the other hand, my boyfriend has been jobless for over a year now, not in school and lacks motivation and ambition.

I love him very, very much, but this is really starting to bug me as I think it would for anyone. I just do not know what to do anymore, we have talked about it many times and have gotten into arguments about it as well because he gets annoyed or defensive. Continue reading

“I’m frustrated with my job”

I am not sure if this is what the site is intended for, but, I have just wanted to rant without coming off as complaining to my friends.

I just feel like a failure. I feel like I am not good at anything. Very frustrated at work, even though my job is unfulfilling and I don’t feel as if I am contributing to anything meaningful, I still try and care a lot. I feel like there is never any feedback or recognition for the effort that I put in, once in a while a “good job” would go along way. I wish I was doing something more fulfilling and to do what I would like to do that means more schooling and wanting to start a family soon, I don’t know I could handle having a newborn and school. And the change itself is kinda scary to give up the job security that I have, for potential happiness in my work life and happy in general.

“The tension between us is damaging our relationship”

My daughter graduated nursing school in June with honours, and is afraid to take her NCLEX exam and start her career . She says that she needs more time to prepare but I am trying to urge her to write the exam before she starts to lose confidence in writing.

She explains to me that she does not feel confident caring for patients and does not feel she learned enough in the school setting. I am trying to reason with her that she will learn on the job and she will have a support system when she starts. She is telling me to back off it’s none of my business and she will take as much time as she needs. Continue reading

“Where do I fit in the picture?”

Family of 4, hubby quit his job 5 years ago to go to school. I have been supporting him emotionally and financially through that time. For 4 years we would talk about our dreams after he graduates, which has helped me get through this long journey.

But the past 6 months he’s been so busy, we haven’t been talking as much. I asked him about jobs he is applying for, and he informs me that all our plans we have been discussing are no longer an option  – and he is applying for jobs in places we have never talked about! I’m hurt, these were our dreams as a family, not just his dreams, so where do I fit in the picture?

“Do I hurt the first girl and attempt to date the second one?”

Someone who I have been kind of friends with for a while ended up hanging out with me one night. We had sex and since then have been doing the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing with no title whatsoever. I feel like she likes me a lot more than I like her at the moment.

This has been going on for about a month and last week I met another girl at a school event and we hit it off. We’ve been texting ever since then and I feel that she likes me, because of a lot of flirtation in our messages. I think I like her too, she is very attractive but I’m not sure what to do.

Do I hurt the first girl and attempt to date the second one?  Do I wait until me and the second girl are actually dating before I stop with first one? To make it even more complicated girl two, who I like more, and is more attractive, is only a sophomore in high school, while me and girl one are seniors. I turn 18 very soon but she claims that she already told her parents about me and that they were cool with us going on a date. Please help me.

“I think I like a girl at school”

It’s the second semester of my Sophomore year. I remember in my past years at school that every time a new semester begins there is at least one new student. The same goes for this one. It was a girl. English class began and we had a substitute teacher. I immediately volunteered to take the attendance sheet to the office, and was chosen by the teacher. That’s when I saw her, she was getting a tour of the school from a bunch of people.

The first thought I had was, “Oh, new kid,” though I kept it to myself. I went back to class and several minutes later the door opens with the girl I just saw earlier. This time, I had the chance to make a first impression of her. I thought she was clumsy and wouldn’t last very long at school and overall not the greatest first impressions. But then came the end of the day during Spanish class. She was there. The teacher told her to sit next to me. A friend of mine in that same class apparently knew her as family friends. That’s when I got to know her name. It was initially very awkward but I think all she cared about was getting out of the class as soon as possible, the same as I did. Continue reading