“Do I hurt the first girl and attempt to date the second one?”

Someone who I have been kind of friends with for a while ended up hanging out with me one night. We had sex and since then have been doing the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing with no title whatsoever. I feel like she likes me a lot more than I like her at the moment.

This has been going on for about a month and last week I met another girl at a school event and we hit it off. We’ve been texting ever since then and I feel that she likes me, because of a lot of flirtation in our messages. I think I like her too, she is very attractive but I’m not sure what to do.

Do I hurt the first girl and attempt to date the second one?  Do I wait until me and the second girl are actually dating before I stop with first one? To make it even more complicated girl two, who I like more, and is more attractive, is only a sophomore in high school, while me and girl one are seniors. I turn 18 very soon but she claims that she already told her parents about me and that they were cool with us going on a date. Please help me.

2 thoughts on ““Do I hurt the first girl and attempt to date the second one?”

  1. R says:

    If youre not that into the first girl and you feel that she IS really into you then you need to do the respectable thing and spare her feelings and end things with her first and foremost. Especially if you already have eyes for someone else. Dont string her along just for sex. (As a girl who has been/is in her shoes I feel very strongly about that.) Absolutely do NOT start dating the second girl before you end things with the first just so you have her to fall back on if you get rejected. Thats cowardly. She is not a back up plan or a safety net, she is a human being.

    As for the second girl…. If you are both into each other then thats great, just be mindful of the age of consent if things ever get that far (or maybe hold off on that until shes older.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the first commenter that you should end things with the first girl, however I don’t think you should pursue the second. You are a senior and about to graduate and move on with your life. You both are growing and changing. She’s not going to be able to relate to what you are going to go through until she’s there and by that time so much will have happened.

    And for the love of everything, don’t have sex with the second girl or even sext her. You could get busted for soliciting a minor, having sex with a minor and more. Her parents could decide they don’t like you and have you arrested then you get to stay on the sex offender list for a life time. Yay! Now you can’t live close to daycares or schools so your housing is limited. You get to be on a government list where anyone can look you up online and employers will definitely do so, so now your jobs are limited too. Read up on your state’s laws and protect yourself.

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