“I think I like a girl at school”

It’s the second semester of my Sophomore year. I remember in my past years at school that every time a new semester begins there is at least one new student. The same goes for this one. It was a girl. English class began and we had a substitute teacher. I immediately volunteered to take the attendance sheet to the office, and was chosen by the teacher. That’s when I saw her, she was getting a tour of the school from a bunch of people.

The first thought I had was, “Oh, new kid,” though I kept it to myself. I went back to class and several minutes later the door opens with the girl I just saw earlier. This time, I had the chance to make a first impression of her. I thought she was clumsy and wouldn’t last very long at school and overall not the greatest first impressions. But then came the end of the day during Spanish class. She was there. The teacher told her to sit next to me. A friend of mine in that same class apparently knew her as family friends. That’s when I got to know her name. It was initially very awkward but I think all she cared about was getting out of the class as soon as possible, the same as I did. The next day, we got to actually talk, but mostly about what we were learning in class. I realize that she isn’t as bad as I thought. I found out that she was home schooled for the past semester and now she goes to my school. I missed school a couple days after and apparently we had newly assigned seats in the English class. When I got back, I asked where I sat and I saw that she sat on the other side of the room. For some reason, the teacher asked her to change seats and sit next to me. I told her sarcastically, “You again?” and she responded, “I know right!”. I headed straight to my locker after the class and surprisingly, I find out that her locker was next to mine. What is up with these coincidences?

The next time we saw each other was Spanish class. This meeting was very special as I started getting comfortable with her. Our conversation felt natural and not at all awkward. During breaks, she would say hi to me as I walk by her and people she hang out with. I would wave back and smile. Today, only a couple days after meeting her for the first time, we had the most natural conversation I’ve had since freshman year. It had a good balance of sharing thoughts and teasing and cracking jokes, it felt great. We walked to our lockers together and eventually parted ways. Walking away from her made me very sad yet we aren’t even in a relationship. I am convinced that I like her. It’s been exactly 11 days since our first meeting. I don’t know if what I am feeling is normal. I say that I get to know her even better add drop hints that I like her here and there but not overly obvious. What do you think?

2 thoughts on ““I think I like a girl at school”

  1. Talee says:

    I think it’s too early,getting to know her even better. No one can really know a person within 11 days walking to your lockers and class. You say you are dropping hints, but is she also leaving hints that she like you also. This isn’t a one sided things. Look for flirting signs, if she treat you differently than other guys, you don’t wanna date a flirt. That’s why i say give it a little more time. Hope this helps.

  2. Invktion says:

    I’d agree with Talee. Wait a while, and don’t get into anything too quickly. The way I see it, if things get awkward for any reason, then you’re stuck next to each other far more often than you’d like. Just slow down a little. Drop hints, see if she drops hints. Make sure you don’t rush it.

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