“The tension between us is damaging our relationship”

My daughter graduated nursing school in June with honours, and is afraid to take her NCLEX exam and start her career . She says that she needs more time to prepare but I am trying to urge her to write the exam before she starts to lose confidence in writing.

She explains to me that she does not feel confident caring for patients and does not feel she learned enough in the school setting. I am trying to reason with her that she will learn on the job and she will have a support system when she starts. She is telling me to back off it’s none of my business and she will take as much time as she needs. I paid for all her schooling and housing costs so I do feel that I do have a say on when she starts her career. How can I convince her to write, or should I back off even though I know that this will hurt her in the long run? I worry the test will be more difficult the longer she takes & employers will question her reasons for taking so long to enter the workforce. She wants to study exam prep books till November. Six months is far too long in my opinion. Please share your thoughts as we are at a standoff and the tension between us is damaging our relationship.

One thought on ““The tension between us is damaging our relationship”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Back off. She’s a adult and the more pressure you lay on her now the more adverse a reaction you will get. However, it IS time to get her off your dime. Tell her she has a month to find a place to live and way to do it. A real life deadline is what she needs to feel independent. Doesn’t matter what job she takes to get it. Employers respect candidates who were working while getting their degrees more than those who were not. I know you worry and love your child, but time to let the little bird leave the nest and make her own mistakes learning to fly. I just watched this same situation happen to a man in our office. His daughter doesn’t speak to him now and hasn’t for three months. Good luck and internet hugs for the hard time you are going through now. Maybe Google empty nest syndrome and look into some hobbies you always wanted to do.

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