“He spat in my face and threw a TV remote at me”

My partner and I have been in a relationship now for over 5 years. It’s been a lot of turmoil. We recently moved to California, where he was offered a job as a tattoo artist at one of the best shops in this town. We come from a small Texan town.

He doesn’t let me visit him at work and I’m pretty sure it’s because he tells people he’s single. So last night I got a bit insecure and tried to express it. It ended up, him spitting in my face, throwing a TV remote at me, and smacking me around with his fucking hat. Am I fucking psychotic for staying here?? He’s told me before I ruined his life. I live here constantly feeling like I don’t belong. He is constantly making me feel like everything is always my fault. This morning he told me he feels he did nothing wrong because the fashion in which he chose to strike me wasn’t the traditional form of “abuse or hitting” & basically to stop being a little bitch about it. And that I am a bitch. Obviously I shouldn’t have questioned him.

He constantly makes me feel like he’s the only person who would ever love me. Wtf am I supposed to do..

2 thoughts on ““He spat in my face and threw a TV remote at me”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Get out now. Its going to get worse. Find safe place to move and cut all forms of communication with him. If you have to do it while he is at work so he doesn’t attack you again.

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