“I’m starting to have doubts”

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 2.5 years, and the last year has been long distance. He is without a doubt my favorite person in my life and the best guy I know. We have so much fun together and he is incredibly kind and thoughtful – the type of guy many women dream about marrying and starting a family with.

He is completely devoted to me, but for some reason I can’t get doubts out of my head that something is not right. Even though I really love him, I’m not as attracted to him as I would like to be. This has caused a problem with our sex life because I don’t particularly want to kiss him or have sex with him. Continue reading

“He doesn’t appreciate me and I think I should leave him”

So …. I met this guy while I was working at a national park.

We got close together very fast. Fast, as in we had sex maybe within a week or two? But I liked being with him and even though it was my first, I had no opposition to it or anything. We did have lot of fights though. Sometimes small, sometimes big. And I did break up with him but we got back together within a week .

So now, our contracts are over and now I’m back in my home state and he actually got a job in my home state so we’re 5-6 hours away. The problem is, this long distance is soooo damn hard for me. Idk about him, but to me it’s driving me nuts. Continue reading

“Did I miss an opportunity?”

I have been friends with this guy for about 4 years now…when we first met I was 17 and he was 20. Anyway, when we met four years ago, he really liked me, but at the time I was going through a heartache of another crush, unfortunately.

But with time, we became very close, and we continued to talk despite the long distance. He lived in TX and I in IL. However, I secretly began to develop feelings for him too…I never told him. Eventually, we both just agreed at the time to just be friends, because of the long distance. After that, we slowly lost contact. Continue reading

“I’ve moved on but feel guilty”

I cheated on my lost-distance boyfriend of 4 years, with a guy I’ve known for a while (who was in the same city as me), but who was dating my friend at the time (he cheated on her also).

My boyfriend (“Adam”) and I had been falling out and I was having some issues that he sort of ignored, while the other guy, we’ll call him “Wade”, paid attention and asked me about them and was really there for me when I needed it. Continue reading

“I had a fling with a lesbian”

I had an affair with a bisexual woman who was visiting my country. She has a lesbian relationship back home. She went back home and had plans to come back to my country because of a job.

I’m not sure how, but her lesbian girlfriend found out about our fling. She blocked me on Facebook and won’t return my text. Now I don’t know if she will actually come back.

There is a big chance she is either single now or about to be. Her gf is hurt and that sucks, but, all cheap morality aside, I really want to make a move if that relationship has come to an end.

Will she let me know when she’s over her gf? Or will she never ever speak to me again? Getting caught is her fault. Is she seeing me as an enemy or a bad person?

“Should I wait for him?”

I’m in a strange, complicated issue. I’m an Asexual Panromantic female, and I’m in love with my best friend. He is in love with me too, but is scared to date because of a distance issue. My family tells me not to wait around for him.

I love him so much, yet at the same time, want to experience life instead of waiting around. What should I do?

“My boyfriend propositioned two girls”

Recently, my boyfriend moved in with me. Before then we were long distance, as we lived six hours away from each other. I love him and I know he loves me, he told me first in March and I had known before then but was waiting for the right time.

We’ve had a few arguments recently, about him having looked at other girls when we we’re at the pool at our apartment complex. We have resolved things and are working together to have better communication about things.

Continue reading

“I’ve fallen in love with a guy I’ve never met, who lives in another country”

I met a guy four days ago online, and we have been talking ever since. He was looking for a relationship, but I wasn’t, so I told him we could be just friends. He is nice to me, and he is a gentleman as well. He will be relocating to my country in September, and I’m the only person he knows here.

All of a sudden, I found myself liking him, and getting upset when he doesn’t text me. It’s been only four days, and I don’t know what’s happening.

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Messy relationship and break up, please help

I’m an 18 year old girl and need advice. Everyone loves N. He messages loads of girls and just knows how to appear really lovely and caring. N spoke to me and flirted (I know this was wrong of me too) with me while still in a relationship with his ex. After she dumped him for being clingy he asked me out two weeks later, I was 16 at the time. We went out for a few months but I dumped him because he got way too intense too fast (saying he loved me and that I was ‘the one’ after only a month – which his ex later said he did to her as well). During my time with him he constantly spoke of what a horrible ‘bitch’ his ex was, he literally hated her.

Literally 4 days after I dumped him, he made out with this girl from his college who had apparently been going round his house every day for lunch. He admitted it to me though after I found out through another friend. They started a relationship soon after, it lasted 3 months then when it ended he again told me how horrible and awful she was. He has convinced himself that all his exes are horrible people who took advantage of his ‘kind’ nature, when in reality he is incredibly manipulative, controlling and clingy.

After dumping her, naive and lonely me went back to him and believed him when he said he always had more feelings for me. During this time, he was also talking to another girl who he decided he also had feelings for, but he quickly came back to me.

After a few months of this, I found out that he was emigrating to New Zealand with his family in just a few months but I stupidly agreed to get back into a relationship with him and make it work long distance. Right after he moved, I found out from a friend at college that he had also been messaging A – his ‘best friend’ constantly, and meeting up with her too, which I totally understand as he was moving across the world. However, this was all behind my back and he also swapped bracelets with her as a ‘friendship’ token, while she would constantly cry about him leaving. Fair enough, if they really were ‘just friends’.

A would constantly message him over facebook, every day. N would obviously flirt with her, though he claimed not to mean to, and basically every message had a wink etc and A obviously had feelings for him. I told N that I was worried and asked if he would message A less, and he promised me he would.

However, at the same time as claiming to message her less, he was demanding to know which boys I was speaking to. One of my friends, P, who I rarely messaged asked me out one day, and N found out about this and blamed me, and has used it against me ever since for ‘encouraging’ P, even though our conversations were always 100% platonic. N demanded screenshots of my messages to check that I wasn’t talking to P, but one day I sent 3 messages to P, then deleted them, but N found out with the screenshot, failing to reveal that he was still talking to A every single day and actually being very hypocritical.

At some point, something snapped in me. I was pretty normal before, but then I just felt insanely jealous of A all the time, he would flirt with her all the time and message her and hide it from me. I got controlling, I asked N to only message her ‘a few times a week’ as opposed to every single day, and he said he would but again lied, and I just felt totally uncared about and got really mad and angry at him.

He argued back, but carried on speaking to all his friends and twisted everything to make me seem like the horrible one. He told A I was basically crazy, and angry about them talking, and scared him. He made everything seem like my fault, he turned my friends against me (one of my close friends is also close friends with A), and I was constantly trying to talk to him and make the relationship work and I pushed my friends away.

Anyway, after just over a year of being in a long distance relationship, we were arguing all day every day about various things – who I was talking to, how much he was talking to A etc. Because of his controllingness I literally lost all of my male friends, while he kept messaging about 10 girls and I didn’t bat an eyelid.

I know it’s crazy, but I didn’t want to break up with him party due to the fear that he would just replace me with A and I could not let that happen. As I share a lesson with A, I always look over and see her messaging him every single lesson, and she makes every effort to make sure I can see this and the flirty nature of their messages.

We eventually broke up a few months ago, and I did something after which he rightfully continues to hold against me. About a month after breaking up, I got with two different boys in the same fortnight basically due to the pain and bitterness of him replacing me so easily in the past. He found out through his sister who I am good friends with, and clearly loves me because he was absolutely destroyed and told A and my best friend what a ‘slag’ I am.

For some reason we started talking again a few weeks later, he told me he misses me etc and he still loves me. So for the past two months, I have been messaging him every day. He told me he loved me every day. But today, before he was going to sleep, he admitted that he is ‘confused’. That he ‘fancies’ A and loves her, and apparently fell out of love with me. I just asked him questions about it calmy but he attacked me by claiming it’s my fault because of the time a year go when P asked me out and also because of the post break up events, which understandably upset him a lot.

I know I’m fickle, I don’t understand why I kept going back to him but I just need an objective view of the situation, I tried to stay as unbiased as possible. Sorry for the long post.