“He doesn’t appreciate me and I think I should leave him”

So …. I met this guy while I was working at a national park.

We got close together very fast. Fast, as in we had sex maybe within a week or two? But I liked being with him and even though it was my first, I had no opposition to it or anything. We did have lot of fights though. Sometimes small, sometimes big. And I did break up with him but we got back together within a week .

So now, our contracts are over and now I’m back in my home state and he actually got a job in my home state so we’re 5-6 hours away. The problem is, this long distance is soooo damn hard for me. Idk about him, but to me it’s driving me nuts.I am a type of person who just wants to be updated/texted/called. If I’m eating, if I’m meeting with my friends, even if I’m not doing anything specific, I’d like to chat with my bf. And he does the same thing but wayyy less often. He only keeps me updated cuz I asked him to. I always have to be the first one asking what he’s doing, and I feel like I’m becoming the crazy gf for always asking.

The other night, I texted him that I wanted to talk to him around 7:45pm. He said he was spending some time with his roommates so I let him be. Then he said he’s gonna take a shower so I said yeah go ahead why not. Then, nothing. No text or call so I asked him once again what he’s doing. He said he’s watching a movie with his roommates.

So of course, I get upset because I waited for him to call, or have a chance to call him for 2+ hours and now he’s telling me he’s watching a movie? Didn’t I ask him 2-3 hours ago that I wanted to talk? And also waited until he was finished with whatever he was doing?

So I tell him all this and the worst thing is, that he doesn’t even see anything wrong with that picture. He’s like so what? I told you I’ll call you before bed (which he told me after he said he’s watching a movie). So I told him I feel unappreciated and disrespected when he puts something else above me. But he doesn’t seem to be compelled or understand why I’m so upset.

And this is not even the first time things like this have happened. I told him that I’m done. I told him I’m done feeling hurt and always waiting for him. We’re gonna talk on the phone, just to talk it through I guess. But even today while not texting him I just keep missing him.

I told him that I’m not upset or mad or anything, that I gave up, but the way I’m feeling right now, my heart still wants him. But I know I can’t be with him. I shouldn’t be with someone who makes me feel disrespected, upset and miserable all the time, right?

Please tell me I’m doing the right thing!


2 thoughts on ““He doesn’t appreciate me and I think I should leave him”

  1. Susana says:

    You are doing the right thing by wanting someone who makes you feel appreciated. If you aren’t happy and he doesn’t sound like he cares you should move on.
    Believe me, there’s someone out there who will be interested in making sure you are happy, instead of ignoring your feelings.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Move on. You would do well if he lived near by, but as a LDR this won’t last. I think you’re both good people, just on different paths now.

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