“I had a fling with a lesbian”

I had an affair with a bisexual woman who was visiting my country. She has a lesbian relationship back home. She went back home and had plans to come back to my country because of a job.

I’m not sure how, but her lesbian girlfriend found out about our fling. She blocked me on Facebook and won’t return my text. Now I don’t know if she will actually come back.

There is a big chance she is either single now or about to be. Her gf is hurt and that sucks, but, all cheap morality aside, I really want to make a move if that relationship has come to an end.

Will she let me know when she’s over her gf? Or will she never ever speak to me again? Getting caught is her fault. Is she seeing me as an enemy or a bad person?

One thought on ““I had a fling with a lesbian”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If she went as far as to block you, I’d move on. You won’t always get an answer for everything, this may one of those things. What is certain is that she cheats and, now, is blocking contact with you. She seems selfish and like she doesn’t deeply care about you right now.

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