“He doesn’t want me to get implants”

My boyfriend and I have been together a little over 2 years, we own a home together, vehicles as well as animals, but still not engaged.

I have thought about getting breast implants since I was probably 16 years old (I’m 20 now, almost 21 & my boyfriend just turned 21). I am currently a 34B and would like to see myself as a 34/36C. I just recently brought it up to him and he said he doesn’t want me to get them because he likes my body the way it is.

I understand… but that doesn’t make me not want them anymore. It’s hard for me to take no for an answer. When I told him I at least wanted to go to a consultation he got really upset and said he would leave me if I even went to a consultation since he didn’t want me to go. I think he just said that out of anger considering how serious we are. But I need advice and help on how to get him to at least consider it.


2 thoughts on ““He doesn’t want me to get implants”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ^ Echoing Elizabeth. You are the one who deals with the consequences with your body, not him. It’s your body. Do what will make you happy. You are not his plaything and if he’ll break up with you for implants, imagine if you got breast cancer and had to have them lopped off. Oooh, can’t stay with her now because her body doesn’t please me. Or get in a wreck and lose a leg. Oop, can’t stay with her now, because her body doesn’t please me. OH NO! Imagine if you died your hair another color! Obviously, I’m being over the top, but the point remains the same. It’s your body and he doesn’t get to control you through manipulative threats. Every time you do something he doesn’t like he’s either going to threaten to break up with you or try to control you in another way. What are you going to put up with? Definitely don’t marry this one without marriage counseling.

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