“I lost my virginity to him and he never calls me”

Hi 🙂 I’ve been pretty sad lately. All throughout middle school and high school, guys had limited interest in me. As a senior in high school, I got a job at a pizza shop. This was the first time a guy really gave me attention. I don’t think I really knew how to handle myself. We started texting in April and our first date was in May. We had a few dates and then he started getting busy during the day with questionable friends (he hadn’t gotten drunk until he started hanging out with them).

We kept texting everyday until probably late July. Sometime during that time I invited him to sneak over to my parents house at night so we could hang out again. He did and we made out and watched a movie. Then he went on a trip and the texting got sparser. I went on a trip later in early August so we could hang out. Then he snuck over once more before I went away for college about 3 hours away. Continue reading

“I have to lie to my parents about my boyfriend”

This maybe long and I’m sorry. I have been having issues my parents for the longest time about my boyfriend. We have been dating for about four years and we have been through so much together. The problem is that my parents restrict me in seeing him often and blame him for my own faults.

I’ve also given up my virginity to him, and when my parents suspected that it may have happened, my father was ready to hurt me. I had to lie because I know they wouldn’t be able to handle the truth very well. I also know that I shouldn’t have lied and I’ll have to tell them eventually, but not right now. My parents also believe that he’s a distraction but I’ve maintained my grades with A’s and B’s. We are also taking many precautions before doing stuff together. Nothing I say seems to get across to them, I’m an adult and I believe that I’m making the best possible decisions that I can. Maybe I’m wrong? Can I have insight please?


“Do I lose my virginity to him?”

I started dating this guy on September 16th, and my birthday is October 12th. He’s my first real boyfriend, my first kiss. But is it okay to give him my virginity? Especially if there’s no way to hide that from my parents, who told me not to give my virginity to my first boyfriend? He’s planning something sexual for my birthday, he’s already hinted at it. He’s said things like, “me, you, and nobody else.” I really want to do it, but I’ll be turning 16 and I don’t know if it’s okay to give my virginity to my first boyfriend, especially after having been with him for only three weeks, give or take a day or two. So, can I give him my virginity, taking all this into consideration?

(P.S: Yes, we’ve said we love each other. And I really do love him.)

“Torn between believing he is interested in me or not”

I’m 16; a high school student, inexperienced with relationships and boys. I mean I have some, such as my first kiss (at 13) and “hooking up” (making out) on a cruise when I was 14. Nothing else happened, until now. This boy (also 16) added me on Instagram and Snapchat and we started talking. It went great, we had similar interests such as sports and dancing. He was also really funny. I learnt that he loves kids which was something I took note on. He even sent me a video of him playing with his niece. He bought his mom shoes for her birthday recently too. He seemed nice, caring AND met all the standards I looked for in a boy. One day he asked me if “we could chill at his house”. Continue reading

“I get nauseous every time we get sexual”

I need help. So I’ve been seeing this girl for months now and everything with her is perfect, until we get into the bedroom. Every time without fail anything gets even remotely sexual with her, I start to feel REALLY nauseous, to the point where I have on multiple occasions run off and had to throw up. It could be anything from fooling around on the couch, to even just lying next to her in bed.

We’re both virgins, but want to get into the more real stuff soon. I’m worried this will get in the way, and could use some advise. I’m a perfectly healthy person, and it is in fact rare for me to be ill or to throw up, so this is all really confusing for me. Might be worth mentioning I get this feeling when I’m with her in a restaurant too, and we’re just finishing food, a very sudden nausea feeling which I can’t ignore and am forced to run off quickly to the toilet.

“I’d spend my last dime on my girlfriend if I could”

So, my girlfriend and I have been together a few months and she is complaining to other people that I’m not getting her hints for sexual attention. I’m also a virgin, and she is aware of this fact. We share the same birthday, and every time I try to set up what we want to drink, or where we are going, or what we are doing, she gets distracted or says, “I don’t know” and shrugs it off.

Is this a sign that she isn’t really feeling the relationship? Do I just idly sit by and hope she feels comfortable enough to talk to me about how to respond to her moves, or make moves of my own? She talks to me all the time about how she has eloped in this parking garage or corrupted that parking lot. When I try to ask what she is comfortable with, she says, “We will get there when we get there.” It’s to the point that I kinda just exist in the room with her, and am relatively indifferent unless I’m getting inebriated with her. I know that’s not healthy, but I’ll be 21 in a few days, and she will be 19.

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“I’m ready to lose my virginity, but my boyfriend isn’t”

I used to be abstinent. After some thought, I decided that that is not important to me anymore. I’m still a virgin, but, if sex happens, it happens.

My boyfriend and I have been together for four years now, and he refuses to have sex with me because of “my beliefs.” It’s been years since I told him I no longer believe in waiting, but, he absolutely will not have sex with me. What do I do?