“I’d spend my last dime on my girlfriend if I could”

So, my girlfriend and I have been together a few months and she is complaining to other people that I’m not getting her hints for sexual attention. I’m also a virgin, and she is aware of this fact. We share the same birthday, and every time I try to set up what we want to drink, or where we are going, or what we are doing, she gets distracted or says, “I don’t know” and shrugs it off.

Is this a sign that she isn’t really feeling the relationship? Do I just idly sit by and hope she feels comfortable enough to talk to me about how to respond to her moves, or make moves of my own? She talks to me all the time about how she has eloped in this parking garage or corrupted that parking lot. When I try to ask what she is comfortable with, she says, “We will get there when we get there.” It’s to the point that I kinda just exist in the room with her, and am relatively indifferent unless I’m getting inebriated with her. I know that’s not healthy, but I’ll be 21 in a few days, and she will be 19.

I love her, and am the kind of guy who holds open the door and makes extra trips into town to give her food. I watch her kid and help her with him because his father is a deadbeat by the book. I spend my last dime on her if I can, and I don’t ask for any thing back. Do you figure it’s wrong ask for the next step in our relationship, or is it a situational thing? Thanks for listening to me ramble. If you have any advice I appreciate it.

2 thoughts on ““I’d spend my last dime on my girlfriend if I could”

  1. mandiamanda says:

    I think she not accustomed to nice guys and it new to her to get treat that way. And about the sex part she was talking to other people about it but she should come to you and tell you about her need and want since she is more experience than you…… but to be honest I think she using you and don’t feel the relationship at all. Just my opinion

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