“Is he into the idea of me?”

I have a parent who creates online content and has a semi decent following. Recently he introduced me to a friend of his (same age) who has been a long time fan of his work. However this guy seems to have made a lot of effort for me, despite the fact we don’t actually know each other.

He waited a year to talk to me after he was initially introduced to me (online) while I was already in a relationship. Then we started talking a little bit when that relationship with my ex ended. Within those 2 months, he’s flown internationally to visit me, and then my dad. So we met for the first time. In person. He told me he was into me, and looking at transferring schools to either mine or my dad’s city.

This seems excessive. I’d be uncomfortable with someone I’ve known for a long time going to this kind of effort for me, but someone I’ve only been talking to for a few months? And this is someone that honestly doesn’t even know the start of who I am.

I wonder if he’s really into me at all or into the idea of me being my father’s daughter.

Do these seem like worrying signs, or am I reading too far into all this?


“My friend is too demanding”

I’m a pushover that was pressured into sex with a very demanding friend that lives in a different city. He belittles me (saying things like “you need someone to take care of you’), doesn’t share my interests, and handles situations with zero tact (which annoys the hell out of me.) He’s embarrassed me many times. Plus the sex is bad.

He visits twice a year and to my dismay, we share a bed. He is planning on moving to my city in a year and I want to set boundaries. We have been friends for over ten years and I’d like to keep him in the background without the intimacy. He makes me laugh and we share a group of friends. I need to be careful because this man is vindictive, loud, and bitchy (somebody I wouldn’t want as an enemy.)

Can this relationship return to its platonic state? Do I tell him I don’t want the romance? Do I just phase him out? Cut him out of my life cold turkey? Help!

“I don’t want him moving near me”

My half brother, who I have only met face to face 4 times, is in a homeless shelter and wants to move to where I live in two weeks. He has a felony record (aggravated assault with weapon with no intent to kill) and the only times he has called me is for drama or money.

I told him that if he got help we would talk about moving down here. His caseworker says that it would be best to move down and see a normal family life. But I am finally in a good mental place myself. I am scared of getting caught up in crazy again. Even now he calls about dating a girl who is living with someone. I really don’t want to but I am afraid he will die if he doesn’t.

“He dumped me when it made his friendship awkward”

This is a long post, but it’s a long story.  I recently moved back to my hometown after a few years. I also started talking to my ex boyfriend and after a lot of misunderstanding had reached a happy plateau of agreeing to hang out occasionally, and as he put it ‘get to know’ one another again. Parallel to this he’s also in love with a girl at work who doesn’t seem to reciprocate his feelings, and has heavily put him into the friend zone. So I assumed it was safe to build a friendship.

Enter my messy life. Continue reading

“My husband beats me and cheats on me”

My husband and I just moved to a new home in a different town. He promised me that this move would be good for us as a family (we have a kid together) and that he would do better and help out more (I work a full time job at home and take care of the bills and the home ,basically on my own). My husband’s temper has only gotten worse the longer we’ve been together… He’s already hit me and choked me a few times… When he actually DOES get a job he can’t hold it for longer than a month because he’s always threatening his coworkers and going off on his bosses.

He’s talking about going to the military and while part of me is excited to FINALLY be able to relax and get some real help (financially) another part of me is scared that he’s gonna end up one of those military men that beat on and cheat on their spouses (he’s already cheated on me 5 times.)

Maybe this is a stupid question but what do I even do at this point? I can’t leave town because he broke my car. Every time I try to throw him out he guilts me into letting him stay to work it out but then talks a bunch of crap behind my back … He doesn’t help with our child, just closes him in his room until I come out of my office during my lunch break or when I’m off… What do I do?

“How should I approach this?”

I am leaving this summer to go to East Asia to lead and take part in a missions project. There is a girl I am quite interested in and she is going on the trip with us. The trick though is that I am moving to the country and staying for school rather than going back to the States.

I don’t want my feelings to get in the way or affect my ministry but I don’t want to just leave these thoughts and feelings bottled up for me to just “deal with it”.

“Is my girlfriend forcing me to be with her?”

I met a girl online a few years ago when I was 16. We started a relationship because I believed we had a future, she told me she was planning on moving to my country when she was older, before we even met. In mid 2015, she had an idea where I lived in her country with her for 1 year, and we’d move back together which would have started January 2016 and ended January 2017.

The first month I lived with her, she told me the 1 year would end up as 5 years, I was alright with this, even though a tad disappointed (I’m a family person and I knew I’d miss them). Recently she’s been upset about not being sure if she wants to move to my country at all, leaving me here wondering what to do with myself, I can’t leave her because I’d miss her and I have too much stuff here to move out now. Continue reading

“To move or not to move?”

My husband and I are having a very hard time making a decision. We need to decide within a month or two if we should move to Vegas or stay in San Diego. He is in the Navy and I’m a stay at home mom, we have two kids, 2 and 5.

He is about to get out of the military, and we’re not sure if we should stay here (SD) or move home (Vegas). We are very happy in SD, we love the weather, area, water, parks, schools, etc. On the other hand, if we move home there are advantages too; bigger house with yard we can afford, family and friends, babysitters. Continue reading

“I moved and now my best friend doesn’t talk to me”

Not too long ago, about last year, I moved away from my hometown. I, sadly, had to leave behind almost everything I knew from the country, and settle for a city home. Back home I had a best friend – the one and only person I could confide in, and be my pure self around. I was sure that we would stay close – but I was wrong.

She never called, never returned my calls, and never visited. Slowly, I lost all hope that I would remain friends with this person. During the summer I made a new REALLY close friend, only to have HIM move away at the end of the summer. Now I am really wanting my best friends back – so I need double advice. Continue reading

“My sister punched me in the head”

I honestly don’t know what to do. About a month ago, I was punched in the head by my sister, so I moved into my aunt’s place. The problem is, I can get kicked out if anyone finds me living here, and there’s no where else to go.

My mother, who has a drug history and bad habit of running off and meeting men, has offered to buy a place for me and her. But she’s a drunk who loves to argue, so honestly I don’t know what to do. I just don’t want to exist anymore, to be honest.