“I moved and now my best friend doesn’t talk to me”

Not too long ago, about last year, I moved away from my hometown. I, sadly, had to leave behind almost everything I knew from the country, and settle for a city home. Back home I had a best friend – the one and only person I could confide in, and be my pure self around. I was sure that we would stay close – but I was wrong.

She never called, never returned my calls, and never visited. Slowly, I lost all hope that I would remain friends with this person. During the summer I made a new REALLY close friend, only to have HIM move away at the end of the summer. Now I am really wanting my best friends back – so I need double advice. I don’t know if this is the right place – but I’m desperate. First of all I need help with my best friend: I’m afraid she’s already moved on – that’s what people tell me. Also, I’m afraid of seeming weak and desperate to my parents. I don’t have my own phone or car (I’m not old enough to drive) so they are my only way of reaching her. HELP!!!

Second of all my guy friend, who is only himself when it’s just me and him. When I’m around other people, he pretends to not know me, even though I’ve told him so much – he probably knows me better than I do! He’s the only person who REALLY truly listens to me, he doesn’t talk back – just listens, and I really need that. Please help me! Thank you for taking your time to read this!

One thought on ““I moved and now my best friend doesn’t talk to me”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It does hurt to lose friends. Especially friends who ghost you, but you need to move on and make new ones now. That’s part of life. You may never get a explination and since you are too young to own a car I’m going to guess that your problems are probably too much for them to handle at this age and they are trying to deal with issues of their own too and didn’t know the best way to tell you they can’t take on the weight of even listening to yours.

    internet hugs

    Making new friends is even hard for people who can afford their own phone and car. I suggest meeting new people working, volunteering, at church groups, and clubs like book clubs or anime, or whatever your interests are. You also may want to spend time getting a counselor to just listen to you since that’s all you right now. If you are in college there should be one you can make appointments with on campus. If you are in high school the school guidance counselor.

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