“My husband beats me and cheats on me”

My husband and I just moved to a new home in a different town. He promised me that this move would be good for us as a family (we have a kid together) and that he would do better and help out more (I work a full time job at home and take care of the bills and the home ,basically on my own). My husband’s temper has only gotten worse the longer we’ve been together… He’s already hit me and choked me a few times… When he actually DOES get a job he can’t hold it for longer than a month because he’s always threatening his coworkers and going off on his bosses.

He’s talking about going to the military and while part of me is excited to FINALLY be able to relax and get some real help (financially) another part of me is scared that he’s gonna end up one of those military men that beat on and cheat on their spouses (he’s already cheated on me 5 times.)

Maybe this is a stupid question but what do I even do at this point? I can’t leave town because he broke my car. Every time I try to throw him out he guilts me into letting him stay to work it out but then talks a bunch of crap behind my back … He doesn’t help with our child, just closes him in his room until I come out of my office during my lunch break or when I’m off… What do I do?

4 thoughts on ““My husband beats me and cheats on me”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Get out before he kills you and the child both. If you won’t do it for you, do it for your child. He’s learning that this is the way adults act and he’s most likely to treat women the same way according the statistics. Go to your parents or who ever will help you. Get any pets too.

    Leave before you end up dead.

  2. peaceandwanderlust says:

    “Every time I try to throw him out he guilts me into letting him stay to work it out but then talks a bunch of crap behind my back”. Nuh-uh. He’s still in your life because you are letting him come back, not because of his guilt-tripping. You choose to believe it and give him those countless second chances. Don’t believe your own fears and illusions of powerlessness.

    Throw him out for good and if you have family that can serve as a support system, recruit their help. Also seek counseling for you and your child.

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