“To move or not to move?”

My husband and I are having a very hard time making a decision. We need to decide within a month or two if we should move to Vegas or stay in San Diego. He is in the Navy and I’m a stay at home mom, we have two kids, 2 and 5.

He is about to get out of the military, and we’re not sure if we should stay here (SD) or move home (Vegas). We are very happy in SD, we love the weather, area, water, parks, schools, etc. On the other hand, if we move home there are advantages too; bigger house with yard we can afford, family and friends, babysitters.PROS of staying…
-We LOVE the beaches and parks
-We are never bored here
-The weather is amazing all year around
-We are very happy here
-We receive more BAH(housing) here while he goes back to school

CONS of staying
-No family here
-Smaller house/no yard
-Expensive childcare
-No current true friends

PROS of moving to Vegas
-family and friends always near
-get to visit our cabin in Utah in the summer
-lots of babysitters (family and friends)
-bigger house/yard
-safety net job hubby has with his dad if things get tough

CONS of moving to Vegas
-shitty weather
-a lot less fun things to do as a family
-some issues with the College hubby would be going to there
-a bit less happy

If we move, we would be giving up the beach, perfect weather, pride in living in SD, the happiness it brings us, a few hundred dollars extra a month.

If we stay, we would be giving up being near family and friends, having a bigger house with yard, cabin trips in the summer to Utah, free childcare.
What would you do?

One thought on ““To move or not to move?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    My vote is for SD. You’re happy there already and will make new friends.
    Childcare is expensive, but stay home until the little ones go off to school and it’s better and the issues with college he’s trying to go to might become bigger than you think.

    Best wishes on your choice! This is something only you and your significant other can really decide.

    You could stay home with the kids until they are in kindergarten to help with child care.
    You could move once he’s out of college. Still options to solve all issues.

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