“Is it weird that this guy is really into me?”

I’m 18 and have a thing for older guys.

A few months ago I had a tinder date/hookup with a 33 year old guy who was just travelling through. We had a really great night and we got along really well and the sex was fantastic. I thought it was just a one night stand and I’d never hear from him again. The next day he did the typical “wow last night was amazing” texts and all that, and I went along with it and that was fine.

He was still texting me a few days later and every now and then we chat even still. But now he’s planning another trip basically just to come and see me again. He keep telling me things like how “sexy” I am and how I’m “the best body he’s been with” (I’m not mad at him for saying that because we’re keeping it strictly about sex that way.) I know he’s only saying those things because I’m young and he’s just infatuated with that but he also told me he named his van after me and he’s always telling me how much he thinks about me.

I’d love to boink him again, but is all this a bit too much? Should I cut things off before it gets too weird?


“How can I stop thinking about her?”

I am a 19-year-old boy, a virgin, and I have a crush. I am good-looking and in good shape (I get that from people — I’m not bragging, and it’s nothing I’m proud of — I just got lucky with my genes).

I grew up in Kuwait, a conservative country, and never spoke to a girl in my life. Now I am studying abroad in Turkey, and there is this girl in my department I am crazy about. I have known her for a year and a half, and she is the most beautiful thing in the world. Continue reading

“My girlfriend imagines us married”

I have been dating my girlfriend for four and a half years. We are now both sophomores that attend different colleges (about an hour and a half away from each other). I can’t seem to tell if I have just grown comfortable with a relationship of over four years, or if I really do still want to be with her.

In addition, we have so many other ties to each other that are making this decision extremely difficult. We share the same friend group back home, I practically grew up with her, my family pretty much already considers her my future wife, and I am also fairly close to her family.

I recently met another girl (a senior) in one of my classes, who I am pretty much infatuated with. We talk regularly, and I am not sure what to do. Also, I know this is wrong of me, but this new girl isn’t even more attractive than my current girlfriend. There is just something about her that I am completely driven to pursue. Continue reading

“I’m falling in love with a girl I just met”

I just ended my relationship, now I think I might be in love again, and I don’t know what to do. I just moved to a different country, and even though I tried to make it work long distance with my girlfriend, we didn’t make it. It was a pretty tough thing, but that’s life.

I think I’m just missing someone in my life, because a few days ago I met this girl, and think I’m falling in love with her. The thing is, she’s not interested in me, and I don’t know what to do because I don’t know how to date anymore after being in a relationship for so long. And worse yet, she seems really interested in my friend (who knows I like her and is not doing anything, but still I feel really bad watching her flirt with him). Continue reading

“I blew my chance with her three years ago, and I still can’t get over her”

Hi, this is my first time writing something like this and I apologise about the length but I just needed to write it down and get it off my chest etc. Essentially I need help getting over a girl.

We met at university 6 years ago, I developed a massive crush immediately but I had no intention of doing anything about it since she was way out of my league and had a boyfriend at the time. To build a picture of myself back then I was obese and since I had been to an all-boys school I had very little experience with asking girls out, previously I’d only had one brief relationship and she’d made all the first moves etc. So anyway, due to some mutual friends me and this girl got talking and found out we have similar interests/personalities. Over the next 2 years we got to the point where I considered her to be one of my closest friends and I’m sure she felt similarly since we were socialising a couple of times a week one way or another and texting daily (she was still dating the boyfriend throughout this). Additionally over the two years I had started going to the gym/losing weight and getting in shape which had given me a bit more self-confidence with girls and I’d been on a couple of dates that hadn’t really led to anything long-term. Continue reading

“Sometimes she seems to care, and other times she doesn’t”

I’ve been meeting up with a girl on and off for a year now. She’s 34 and I’m 22. She’s had bad experiences with men before me – her ex tried drowning her. She loved him, cheated on him, and continues to love him. She has two kids to him and a third to another man. Her daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She doesn’t drive I do so help out with appointments, etc., recently driving 120 miles a day for 3 weeks. She told me she isn’t interested in a relationship, but continues to text and meet me when she’s had a drink. She says I’m 22, and tells me to enjoy myself. She says she isn’t interested in anyone apart from me, and won’t hold me back. I love her and believed her, and if she knew I was seeing a girl, it didn’t stop her from cracking on with me when the notion took her. She says things she shouldn’t, making me think that she loves me.

Continue reading