“My teacher is picking on me”

I am in high school, and a pretty good student, known for being well behaved. Last semester I had gym with the teacher now teaching me science. She isn’t very good, but last semester I made an effort to be good to her, because it is her first teaching job and I wanted to be helpful.

This semester, however, I’ve had a really hard time concentrating in her class because she doesn’t control behavior, and other students are really noisy. I tend to not pay attention sometimes, and I know that it’s wrong, but no one else in my class pays attention. I get grades between 85 and 100 in her class.

The other day she yelled at me in front of the class and then told me to meet her after school to discuss my behavior. During the meeting I felt really bad, apologized, and promised to make a better effort. These last two weeks I have been copying all the notes and paying perfect attention, yet she still gives me terrible looks and says harsh things to me. There are students who yell at her, insult her, and act dangerously in her class and she says nothing to them, but continues to pick on me. What should I do? All my friends are angry about the way she treats me, but I just feel confused. I don’t want her to feel badly, I just want to make it stop.

One thought on ““My teacher is picking on me”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Talk to your parents and tell them what is happening. Have them advocate for you. Also, know that this is just a moment in time and you’ll be gone from there before you notice. Continue to kill with kindness and do what you are there to do. She has her own issues to deal with, that you might not know about and as long as she’s just glaring daggers at you and you’re doing all the right things, you should be able to move through just fine.

    Your parents advocating for you in a parent teacher or parent principal meeting should solve the issue. She may be on edge, because she knows she’s in trouble of losing her job with a unruly class she’s not able to manage and taking it out on you. Or she knows that pink slip is already coming. The end of school year is when a good number of teachers get canned due to politics, poor teaching or just quit, because they are under paid for babysitting a class of people who don’t care and their parents don’t care. What does that have to do with you? Not a thing, which is why you should let your parents solve this issue and just do the right thing.

    Also, what other students do is not your concern. That’s not something you can control. You can control you and you can influence them to better behavior by ignoring their antics while focusing on what you need to do.

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