“People at my school are calling me a terrorist”

I’m in high school and I’m Indian. I live in an area without much diversity and most of the people are white. I’m being bullied by a lot of people and they’re calling me a terrorist.

I have tried telling the school staff and they’ve called the students’ parents and since then they’ve stopped saying it to my face. I still hear about the things they say, though, and it’s upsetting me because I know if I tell the teachers again, it will make them hate me more and just make sure I can’t hear about it anymore. They would do that instead of stopping because they realize they’re being racist. I don’t know what to do, please help.

2 thoughts on ““People at my school are calling me a terrorist”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to talk to your parents to have them advocate for you. You may need to change school systems. internet hugs

    Don’t let this build. Talk to them when you get home.

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    Yeah, this is unacceptable. You may need to get your parents in on this, but you absolutely need to pursue this with the staff at your school. Let them know that the phone calls have not helped. Your school has a legal obligation to address bullying.

    Having said that, there is the caveat that I don’t know where you live. And unfortunately, where you are might have a bearing on how this is dealt with by your school.

    But that’s where your parents come in. It may come down to them making a big fuss about this issue and not letting it go, if your school staff are inclined to dismiss this as no big deal. In a worst-case scenario, you might have to pursue something on a federal level:


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