“Shall I just ask her out?”

I’m a senior in high school and I really like this sophomore girl. I met her last year. We had one class together, and I was the only older guy in the class. I only had one friend in the class so I wasn’t too social, and she started talking to me around the last few months of the year. I saw her in free sometimes, and she would always say hi, compliment my shirt, flirt a little. I liked another girl, a friend of hers, at that point, so I didn’t exactly realize she might be into me. We’re both pretty popular in our grades and both pretty good looking.

Now I asked the other girl out a couple months before school ended and she rejected me. We hadn’t even really talked before, so not a smart move on my part, and I’m over it. Don’t know if the girl I like now knows about that, but she seemed to show signs both before and after that all happened. She said we were practically dating (jokingly) once, stole my phone and took pics on it, insisted on taking pictures with me, even said she would have went to prom with me.

She was sending me these signs, but I am clueless when it comes to girls, so I didn’t realize until  summer started. I didn’t see her over the summer. Our only interaction was liking each other’s Insta photos and stuff.

Now, a week or so into school and she continues to show she might like me. I no longer have a class with her, so I only see her after school. She always starts the conversation, walks up to me, says hi. She has never been very shy and doesn’t hesitate to talk to me in front of her (or my) friends, She has wished me good luck in sports games multiple times and asked how my day was going, how was my summer, etc. Now that I really like her, too, I have been trying to show her that by doing some of the same. We can never talk for too long, but we say hi (she usually says hi first), talk a little, ask simple questions and stuff. Lately I’ve seen her flip her hair around or glance my way as I’m walking her way.

I’m only afraid that she thinks I still like someone else or I’m reading the signs wrong. I really do think she likes me, but I’m not quite sure how to let her know I feel the same way. We have a mutual friend, a girl in my grade, who I think may be a help to find out if she likes me back. So should I have her investigate? And of course I can always just go and ask her. Either way, how should I go about showing her that l like her back? Do you really think she is interested in me and would say yes if I asked her out?

One thought on ““Shall I just ask her out?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just go ask her. Do not be a coward and have your friends ask for you. Never do that. All she can do is say no then you move on to the next relationship. She couldn’t have made it more plain if she beat you over the head with a bat. You are the one who rejected her so she’s staying at arms length until you come to her now.

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