“She accepted my friend request, do I ask her out?”

I’m a 21-year-old female that hasn’t had very much dating or relationship experience. I’ve recently been trying out online dating apps for the first time, including one called Her, for gay and bi women. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone that I’d have a strong reaction to, but I came across one girl who really captivated me for some reason. She lives in my city and even goes to the same college (though our school is very large and it’s unlikely we’d have ever met there anyway). Because I was so intrigued, I looked her up on Facebook and it turns out we share a lot of the same interests and political views, which is very important to me.

On an impulse, or perhaps because I suspected she doesn’t use the Her app much, I sent her a friend request, and to my surprise, she accepted. Now I really don’t know what to do. I feel like if I message her and ask her out that’ll seem really creepy since we’ve never actually met, but I don’t want to let this chance go since she’s the only person on one of these dating apps that I’ve truly been interested in. Furthermore, I’m worried that she only accepted my friend request because she thought we might have met somewhere before, since we go to the same school. We don’t have any mutual friends, though.

How should I approach this? Should I reach out to her through Facebook or just not do anything at all? I really don’t want to seem like a creeper or a stalker or anything like that. I’m still not entirely sure why she accepted my friend request and I don’t want to make any rash assumptions. Please help!


“My sexual relations are suffering because I can’t keep it up”

My best friend/ roommate and I have never had a sexual relationship, we’ve always just been too close of friends. I will say I’ve always been attracted to him and have had desires as such. Recently we were home and one thing led to another, and it happened. Now that the seal has been broken so to speak, we have been having “relations” often. The problem is though, I can’t seem to keep my member up. Continue reading

“I’m scared to show her what I look like because I feel ugly”

I really need help… my girlfriend (I am also a girl) who I only know on Skype, is really pretty. We recently called and she calls herself ugly but she’s very beautiful. She has long, brown hair. She has flawless skin and she makes me all squidgy inside. She makes me feel so happy and wanted in the world. I can’t explain.

But now, she wants me to show her my face (she says I’m beautiful but she doesn’t know what I look like) and I look like an ugly human. Continue reading

“I’m in love with my best friend”

I’m in love with my best friend who is a girl. I am male but gay, (or bi I guess) and I have feelings for her. She is incredibly sweet and pretty and nice, but is currently in a relationship with someone who has hurt her in the past.

It is still a strong relationship, but I am worried about her potential, as well as my feelings towards her. I think that if I told her we would still be friends, seeing as we’ve talked about living together and things like that, but I don’t want to do it while she’s in a relationship. The guy she is in a relationship with is also a good friend of mine.

“I found out my boyfriend is a gay crossdresser”

My boyfriend and I have been going through a bit of a rough patch. We have been happily together for almost a year. We recently broke up, but got back together. Me being the nosy person I am, I went through his phone while he was sleeping. Nothing could prepare me for what I found.

My boyfriend is a masculine, car dude, and has never given me any reason to believe he plays for the other team…..I found TONS of responses to Craigslist personals (MAN SEEKING MAN) asking for gay, cross dressing, and even transsexual favors. He has sent nude photos, and photos of MY underwear saying they were his! He had the Grindr app, kik, and another email to keep his secret life from his open one. I don’t know how to go about this, or even if I should. I am at a complete loss right now. Someone please help me!

” I have a little (gay) crush on my friend’s sister”

My Birthday is in two months and I plan to have a small party with some friends. One of the guests is a friend of mine. Problem is, I have a little (gay) crush on her sister, but never really talked to her except for at another Birthday party some time ago.

I’m not looking for a relationship and she’s probably straight anyway, but I would really like to be friends with her. Should I casually ask my friend to ask her sister if she wants to come too? Like “Hey, you can ask you sister if she wants to come too” or something like that. What should I do?

“I have feelings for my best friend”

Hi, I have a problem and I was wondering if I could get peoples’ honest opinions about it, because honestly, I am utterly horrible with relationships and feelings, and I figured there are likely people out there with more experience and relationship smarts than me. I honestly feel kind of stupid for going somewhere for advice because I’ve always been the kind of person to keep my problems to myself, but this has been going on for about a year and I guess I’m just tired of not knowing what to do.

So, anyway, here goes. My best friend and I go way back – we’ve known each other since before we went into elementary school. But, in this last year or so, I’ve been starting to finally realize that I’ve been starting to like her as more than friends. Continue reading

“I’ve had a gay crush on my high school teacher for years now”

I am a female high school senior, and I’ve had a crush on my female teacher since tenth grade (I’m not out to many people yet). She’s single and 17 years older than me. I’ve been trying to get rid of this crush for years, but it won’t budge, even after I stopped taking her class. She’s just so ideal to me: smart, funny, interesting, and pretty … I really fell hard for her and it sucks. I am pretty sure she suspects I like her, but she ignores it (like she should). We have a pretty good professional relationship, and sometimes we talk about our outside lives.

I’ve been mentally debating a lot about whether or not I should just tell her how I feel on the last day. I don’t want her to return my feelings, but rather I think it will give me the closure to get over it and move on in college. Continue reading

“Is my secret relationship with an older woman wrong?”

I am a college-age female living away from home for the first time, going to school in a state about 200 miles from home. I am not a really experienced person in life, this is my first time living independently and I admit to being pretty socially awkward – shy, quiet, not too visible.

I have never had any serious relationships and have not really spent much time developing my sexuality. I did not date much in high school and have never been certain about my interest in males, I went out with two boys but only a few times. I have had close female friends and experimented with kissing them but not much more and really drew away from any complicated interaction, keeping to myself and paying attention to schoolwork and lots of other things. I don’t feel that I missed out on anything especially but also think maybe that I am too introverted and shy and maybe I should pay attention to all these things.

So when I arrived here, meaning where I am attending college, I got a room near campus. The woman who is my landlord is a middle-aged woman (late 40’s) and she was very sweet and kind to me. Perhaps because of my nature I allowed her to become very involved in my life. She turned out being around me all the time and perhaps I allowed that, not establishing any boundaries. Again, I am not forward as a person. Continue reading

“He asked me to live with him, but maybe as a friend”

I have a friend, call him P. He is 36 I’m 28. I think he knows I’m gay, but I didn’t answer him when he asked and joked about how he would have to get me a girlfriend. I’ve still not told anyone, as I’m unsure how most of my friends will react. I have known P for some years, and he has never seen me in a relationship.

I came back to England to visit and stay with him and a friend (call him Q 4) months ago. Q is straight and not 100% comfortable with gays. I ended up staying and looking for a job.

Just after Christmas, they had a fight, with the end being Q wanting P to move out. I heard it, but kept out of the way. After all of this, P said he was moving, and now, he has found a new flat. Continue reading