“He asked me to live with him, but maybe as a friend”

I have a friend, call him P. He is 36 I’m 28. I think he knows I’m gay, but I didn’t answer him when he asked and joked about how he would have to get me a girlfriend. I’ve still not told anyone, as I’m unsure how most of my friends will react. I have known P for some years, and he has never seen me in a relationship.

I came back to England to visit and stay with him and a friend (call him Q 4) months ago. Q is straight and not 100% comfortable with gays. I ended up staying and looking for a job.

Just after Christmas, they had a fight, with the end being Q wanting P to move out. I heard it, but kept out of the way. After all of this, P said he was moving, and now, he has found a new flat. He asked me to come with him and said that even though I don’t have a job, he wants me to just be there, and he would be okay with that. I would love it to be just us two living together, but I’m scared he is just in the friend zone.

We had a talk about moving and how to tell Q. P was updating his mum on Facebook and called me his teddy bear to his mum, and I just melted. Is this me just falling for him, or am I missing a sign?

One thought on ““He asked me to live with him, but maybe as a friend”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ask him and I wouldn’t move in with him right now. Maybe after a year if you get a relationship going. Right now you might be getting used for room and board.

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