“I found out my boyfriend is a gay crossdresser”

My boyfriend and I have been going through a bit of a rough patch. We have been happily together for almost a year. We recently broke up, but got back together. Me being the nosy person I am, I went through his phone while he was sleeping. Nothing could prepare me for what I found.

My boyfriend is a masculine, car dude, and has never given me any reason to believe he plays for the other team…..I found TONS of responses to Craigslist personals (MAN SEEKING MAN) asking for gay, cross dressing, and even transsexual favors. He has sent nude photos, and photos of MY underwear saying they were his! He had the Grindr app, kik, and another email to keep his secret life from his open one. I don’t know how to go about this, or even if I should. I am at a complete loss right now. Someone please help me!

2 thoughts on ““I found out my boyfriend is a gay crossdresser”

  1. lunaribbeck says:

    I had sex as a crossdresser with a boy and I am hetero married and (still) want my wife for the rest of my life. Talk to him and ask him, trying to leave your pain out and not pushing him away. He might love you anyway what he did. Me and my wife had a very hard time last year, but we still hold on, because whatever I did, we do love each other. She was also very shocked and hurt, so I can imagine how you might feel. But as you write on this site and don’t keep it for yourself, I hope you continue that path of openness and willing to communicate and understand. Tell him about your feelings and see how he reacts. Please don’t blame and condemn him before giving him a chance to be really open to you. This he should do now, and if he is not able for that, and you can’t give him a second chance, everything should be clear. But give him this chance, because it’s yours aswell.
    Good luck!!!

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