“I found nude pics on my husband’s phone”

Hey everyone, I’m kind of nervous writing this . It’s actually my first time doing anything like this. I really needed somewhere to vent, to let out some frustration.

My husband and I have been together 14 years. Some wonderful and some horrible. I was only 17 when we first met, and nothing meant anything to me, but him. Now we have a beautiful family and we both work full time , opposite shifts. A few years ago I found a few pictures of a girl we knew, naked on his phone, as well as a bunch of messages to another girl sexting her. Now he has a password on his phone, and is constantly changing it. Could it be because he has something to hide from me, or is he just playing mind games with me?

I find myself to be lonely a lot of times, he is around, but not all there. He’s tired, but won’t admit it and if I or anyone else point it out to him, he gets upset and angry. He likes to play video games and watch our son do the same, and I would rather do something active. I feel like we have nothing in common anymore and that he will look elsewhere if I don’t do what he wants all the time.

Please give any advice or just a listening ear would help.


3 thoughts on ““I found nude pics on my husband’s phone”

  1. Jasmine Hunter says:

    I agree with marriage counseling as an option. You need to confront him about the setting as well and be honest with him about your feelings. Of course you are angry. I don’t believe he’s playing games with you with the password change. I think he’s genuinely trying to hide that stuff from you. If he is sexting, you should also check his computer. He’s probably doing unfaithful things on there, too. Ultimately though you need to ask yourself whether you are willing to fight for your marriage and your family and he needs to figure that out as well. I think marriage counseling would help you come to that decision. Also, if you are a believer, prayer does wonders. Pray for him. Pray for your family. it can’t hurt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No. if you saw what you saw, BELIEVE IT. I’m trying to say the same to myself also but its not with a woman its A MAN OR MEN. IDK YET. A word of advise and please trust me, 1. follow the facts, 2. follow your heart, 3. dont accept your denial as i did espically seeing it right in front of you pictures are pictures, lying is lying, He was my best friend but even after showing hom everything he still thinks that saying still goes…. “DENY, DENY, DENY……
    I wish you all the best

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