“Do I tell him about my drug use?”

I have a few issues I would like to discuss here. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 17 months. We’re very close and pretty much never spend any time apart. However, sometimes he does things that are hurtful.

It doesn’t happen often, just once in a while. Like today he said “I wish you wouldn’t be commenting loving messages on my social media. I like it and all but I want you to keep those things between us.” Continue reading

“My boyfriend and family are not getting on”

I was set up by my aunt and my boyfriends aunt a bit over a year ago. We get along amazingly, we lived together for a few months and again it was amazing. He wants to create a happy and healthy family for us.

I have a group of friends that he has met a few times. One of them just married a guy that sells small amounts of marijuana and my boyfriend has also heard him gossiping about his own friends and about a few people in my family. I also have a cousin who is involved in selling drugs. Continue reading

“Is my boyfriend undeserving of me?”

I have been with my boyfriend almost a year. He means so much to me, I can’t think what I would do without him. But I feel like I am constantly doing things wrong . He tells me I’m dumb quite a lot, an example is when I drop things on the floor (this is something I’ve always done and I try so hard not to do it, but I was diagnosed with dyspraxia from a young age.)

He shouts at me a lot and tells me that he shouts because of his mental health… I’m a mental health student nurse and I try so hard to understand it. I feel like I’m doing everything wrong as a nurse, as I can’t understand. He also tells me I can’t be a good nurse if I don’t understand. Continue reading

“I’m pissed at my boyfriend who is smoking weed”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2.5 years and have a future ahead of us. I love him with all of me and would do anything to make him happy.

Last night we got into an argument regarding him smoking. He was not a smoker when we began dating, but during a short break early on in the relationship, he turned to it to cope. As we got back together, he felt he didn’t need weed anymore and “put it to the side”. Over the years, he has lied, and gone behind my back to smoke with friends. Recently, we agreed that I would be more open to the idea of smoking if he could maintain honesty and good communication about it, which I thought would help. Continue reading

“I’m married to a drug addict”

I’m married to a drug addict, opiates more specifically. He goes back and forth between admission and denial, but we’ll call it what it is. I didn’t know how big this problem was until he was fired from his job.

We have two small children that I’ve always stayed at home with, so I’m not currently working. I suspect that he’s taken out a loan and is using it to buy more medications, but he won’t tell me anything about it and obviously the loan officer won’t either. I’ve given him ultimatums without success. Now what?

“I am stuck in a massive rut”

So, long story short. I am stuck in a massive rut, this past year has been horrible for me, I found out earlier in the year that I can’t have children. At the time I was 3 years into a relationship with my fiancee , I knew that she desperately wanted children more than anything and that me not being able to have them would crush her, and so I decided not to tell her.

A few months later we had an argument and broke up, I knew it was the right thing to do for her but it destroyed me to let her go. This began several months of destructive behaviour. I went back to recreational drug use and began putting less and less effort into everything, work and personal life. Continue reading