“My boyfriend and family are not getting on”

I was set up by my aunt and my boyfriends aunt a bit over a year ago. We get along amazingly, we lived together for a few months and again it was amazing. He wants to create a happy and healthy family for us.

I have a group of friends that he has met a few times. One of them just married a guy that sells small amounts of marijuana and my boyfriend has also heard him gossiping about his own friends and about a few people in my family. I also have a cousin who is involved in selling drugs.
My boyfriend is really uncomfortable around those people – which I do understand – but he also doesn’t want me or him being involved in my friend or her husband’s life at all. They are friends with all of my other friends.

I spoke to this one friend about the gossiping and how we doesn’t want anything to do with drugs and she kind of understood and said she would also talk to her husband about it.

My boyfriend gets very intense and angered when talking about these issues and has brought them up at least 30 times. He also also spoken to my parents about it and again he gets intense and angered in front of them as well.  When he has been upset he has also been a bit out of line when speaking to my parents – he told them two very personal things about me that I asked him not to and he didn’t apologize for it and thinks he is in the right. I know no family is perfect but he has also flat out told my parents about my family’s flaws a bit aggressively.

Do I stand by his side and ditch them or is he being reasonable?

2 thoughts on ““My boyfriend and family are not getting on”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Girl no. That boy doesn’t respect you. Leave him before he does more damage or starts hitting you.

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