“I’m married to a drug addict”

I’m married to a drug addict, opiates more specifically. He goes back and forth between admission and denial, but we’ll call it what it is. I didn’t know how big this problem was until he was fired from his job.

We have two small children that I’ve always stayed at home with, so I’m not currently working. I suspect that he’s taken out a loan and is using it to buy more medications, but he won’t tell me anything about it and obviously the loan officer won’t either. I’ve given him ultimatums without success. Now what?

One thought on ““I’m married to a drug addict”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now you can call the rest of the family and try to sit him down with their help or get a lawyer and get a divorce and a job before he puts you so far in debt you go bankrupt and have the kids taken away. Sound unrealistic? My sister hasn’t gotten her kids back from the state in ten years and they are about to age out of the system.

    You deserve better. They deserve better. Protect your babies if he won’t listen and get out and get help. Number one job: protect your kids.

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