“Do I tell him about my drug use?”

I have a few issues I would like to discuss here. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 17 months. We’re very close and pretty much never spend any time apart. However, sometimes he does things that are hurtful.

It doesn’t happen often, just once in a while. Like today he said “I wish you wouldn’t be commenting loving messages on my social media. I like it and all but I want you to keep those things between us.”My comments are nothing crazy. Just “You’re so adorable. I love you so much <3” or “My sweetheart <3” under his newly posted photos. I told him how I was kind of taken aback by this and he started crying, saying he is sorry for hurting my feelings and that I can post whatever I want.

This is not the first time we’ve had a discussion like this. It happened once before and was about showing affection in front of his friends. It’s as if he doesn’t want to show affection around his friends and this bothers me. He says he’s not really the “show off type” when it comes to relationships, but I worry it’s because he’s embarrassed of me or something.

He shows me so much love and so much care everyday. These are only little times here and there where he upsets me. I have honestly never felt so loved by anyone like I do by him. Now to the second part of my Blurb. I did something on Halloween that he would definitely be mad about, might even leave me.

He’s very anti-drug and so am I (for the most part). He’s told me before that if I ever did drugs, he doesn’t know how he’d feel about that. Which generally isn’t good. On Halloween, I did LSD. And I plan on doing it again in a week. And again after that. I feel like it’s a way to explore my inner self and help face problems in my mind rather than run from them.

I would never do any other drug besides acid, but he’d freak out if he knew I did this. However by not telling him, I feel guilty for keeping this behind his back. It feels like I cheated on him in a way. I don’t really feel the need to tell him, but I don’t know what I should do regarding this matter.

Do you think I should just keep this to myself, or open up and tell him what I experienced? Both of these issues are pretty minor compared to some of the stuff posted on this site lol so I’m just looking for advice on what I should do regarding the displaying affection on social media/in front of friends and the secret LSD use. Thanks for your help 🙂

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