“I’m getting mixed signals”

I have been best friends with my friend (let’s call her Krista) ever since senior year of high school. We go to the same college and I’ve always had certain feelings towards her. I just thought they were friendship feelings…. we are both 21 now.

Recently, I have been picking up vibes that she likes me a little more than friends, but I’m unsure if she’s just being friendly. She’s bi, she told me a couple of years ago. I recently came out to her as bi about a week ago. Continue reading

“I’m confused about my sexuality”

I’m almost 15 and I recently came back from two weeks at summer camp. At camp I met a girl named Alice and we became fast friends. I wanted to be around her all the time, I always wanted to be touching her… One night I couldn’t sleep because I kept imagining us on a date.

That night I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t totally straight and that I had a crush on Alice. I wanted to hug her and kiss her… we were so close and did everything together, so much so that all the other girls at camp actually thought we were dating. I’ve been mildly questioning my sexuality for a few months bit I’ve never had actual feelings or desire for another girl before I met Alice. Continue reading

“Shall I ask him outright how he feels?”

Hi, I’m a bisexual guy and I’ve been meeting up with this guy for a few weeks now for sex basically, I’ve been to his a few times he’s been to mine etc, and the other day I told him that I actually like him, he seemed to kind of avoid saying anything like he likes me etc…

He’s really talkative in person but seems to be lacking in texting skills and always seems to blank my message when a topic becomes overused in a conversation instead of what people normally do and divert it over to something else… and as he’s blanked the message I don’t want to look like a fool by messaging him to start the conversation again.

I’m really not too sure how to go about it as some of my mates have told me just to ask him outright how he feels/if he feels anything for me and what he wants, but I don’t really want to force him into anything, or drive him away especially only having known each other for around three weeks…


His girlfriend doesn’t know about his gay sex”

I became friends with this guy who is significantly younger than me (he’s 25). I mention his age because I do feel somewhat maternal towards him. He’s in a swinging relationship and very open about his sex life with me. He’s also openly bisexual.

Recently he’s been having a LOT of unprotected man on man anal sex (receiving). As a friend, I told him I was worried and even asked if he was on Prep. (He isn’t. ) I also notice he’s lying a lot to me lately. (He’s very bad at it, lol). He’s also put on a significant amount of weight in the last 3 months. I feel like he’s in a very self destructive state. Continue reading

“I hate lying to my mom about my feelings”

I’m an 18 year old guy who lives with his mom (no dad.) I’ve been confused about my gender. Earlier today, my mom came home from the store with a big bag of women’s underwear she got on sale, so I stole a pack of them to try on, and now I’m worried she’s going to find out somehow. She seems open minded as I’ve already came out as bisexual, but I don’t know how she would handle this. On top of that, I feel bad for stealing them. What should I do?

“My best friend is bi and hinting that he wants me to ask him out”

Things have gotten … complicated with my best friend. I’ve known him for the better part of three years, and I’d personally consider him my closest friend at the moment. I’m a guy, by the way.

However, things are beginning to get complex between us. At least, I think so. Some context: He’s been dating a girl for the last few months, and they really love each other. However, my friend has very recently told me that, as well as liking women, he likes men, too.

Since then, he’s been … playful with me. Holding hands, accepting my back massages, sitting on my lap. Stuff like that. Today, when we were talking, he said he doesn’t mind me flirting with him in response, and that he’d probably say yes if I asked him out … if he weren’t already dating a woman. Continue reading

“How can I tell my religious family I’m bisexual?”

I come from a very religious family. My mother is very strict on me and there’s a lot I don’t tell her because I’m scared of her reaction. I’m bisexual, but I have always liked guys who she has wanted me to like, and if she didn’t like them, then I wouldn’t date them.

I’m currently 19 years old and I really like a guy who is a trans male. I don’t really want to tell her, or anyone, because I’m scared of how they’ll react. But I really like him and I get sad knowing I haven’t been able to share it with my mom or my friends. How can I tell my friends or my mother how I feel, without making the situation uncomfortable for everyone? I really like him and I want to be able to talk about him in a romantic way.

“I’m mad about a guy that loves me but doesn’t wanna be with me”

Three years ago I met a guy. He was bi-curious, meaning he wasn’t sure about his sexuality at the time. We talked a while and we ended up getting close. I knew he loved me and I felt the same way.

One day he second-guessed himself, since he was scared and still new to the whole ‘liking a guy’ thing. He ended up apologizing for leading me on and he told me that he doesn’t like guys and that he was straight. Less than a week later, he had a girlfriend and they seemed serious. I was hurt, but I never stopped loving him deep down. I ended up getting with this girl (I’m bisexual) and she and I were super happy for about a year and a half but in the end we just turned into best friends because neither of us were really feeling it. Continue reading

“I’m bisexual and interested in my best friend”

My best friend and I have been best friends for three years, and are as close as possible. Recently, our whole school has started to “ship” us together in a relationship. I actually DO like her more than a friend, and we are both bi, but she always seems slightly disgusted when people mention the ship. Since I’ve been her best friend for three years, I can see that her reaction isn’t real, but she also is expressing a liking for a guy in the grade above us. Any advice on how to ask her out?

“I’m considering having a threesome with my bisexual girlfriend”

I have been in a monogamous relationship with my bisexual girlfriend for the past six months. We’ve recently been discussing incorporating threesomes, so that she can further explore her female-female side, and we are both feeling pretty confident about doing so.

However, today, when we were talking about this, she brought up that she had been thinking about her best friend (female), who she sometimes thinks about in a physical manner. This is the first time she admitted this to me, but it was pretty obvious to me already. When I’m with them, I sense that it’s a bit more than just a friendship. They have been intimate in the past, and so her liking her friend in that manner seems more complicated and more serious than anything like a casual threesome.

Continue reading