“How can I tell my religious family I’m bisexual?”

I come from a very religious family. My mother is very strict on me and there’s a lot I don’t tell her because I’m scared of her reaction. I’m bisexual, but I have always liked guys who she has wanted me to like, and if she didn’t like them, then I wouldn’t date them.

I’m currently 19 years old and I really like a guy who is a trans male. I don’t really want to tell her, or anyone, because I’m scared of how they’ll react. But I really like him and I get sad knowing I haven’t been able to share it with my mom or my friends. How can I tell my friends or my mother how I feel, without making the situation uncomfortable for everyone? I really like him and I want to be able to talk about him in a romantic way.

2 thoughts on ““How can I tell my religious family I’m bisexual?”

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    Man, i don’t think anyone on the internet is going to be able to tell you how to handle this. You say that you’re afraid of your mom’s reaction, and that’s totally understandable. At the same time, if you have a good relationship with her, maybe the best you can do is come clean … and then just cross your fingers. Maybe you can take it one step at a time, too, and start by telling her that you’re bi. See how she reacts, and if things go well, maybe you can progress to telling her about the guy you like.

    The only other option I can think of is to start with a trusted friend and go from there. Tell just them first, and see if you can get some support there. And if so, then move onto other friends and eventually … your family.

    Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to handle this, so I can only echo anonymous above and offer you a supportive e-hug from across the internet.

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