“I don’t know what to do with my life”

I plan on becoming a police officer and I am currently studying a bachelor of policing. However, I don’t have much work experience and I am an extreme introvert and shy. I don’t really have many things I am good at, and to get a part-time job you need so much experience, or qualifications, and to get qualifications it costs too much. I don’t know where to start.. some help please?

One thought on ““I don’t know what to do with my life”

  1. thepackheals says:

    The great thing is that you have admitted out loud that you are lost. But the thing is, do not be scared of it and embrace it. When we panic is when we do not listen to our innermost self that guides what you want to do. The second thing is that you said you are not very good at many things. That could either be due to your having low self-confidence, or just that you do not have the skillset yet. I recommend you volunteer somewhere, in ANYTHING you have interest in. That way you can build transferable skills you can bring to a job. If you are still interested in policing, maybe volunteer in a criminal justice setting! That way you build experience in your field, and network in the field. Oftentimes, it is not you qualifications that help you get a job, but rather people you know!

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