“My boyfriend is being a jerk about prom”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months. We were good friends when he was in high school, but never dated. Now he is in college 5 hours away, and I’m still in high school and we are happily in love.

However we are having a situation over prom. My boyfriend hates prom. With a passion. He thinks of it as an excuse for boys to have sex and get drunk and girls to be sluts. I think this is a ridiculous stereotype. I can’t even mention the word prom without him getting mad. He keeps making comments saying that he is going to be a jerk the night of prom.

It’s not fair for him to ruin my high school experience. I love him and see a future with him so I don’t want this little hang up to ruin us, but it hurts my heart.

3 thoughts on ““My boyfriend is being a jerk about prom”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You can have a fun time without him. Since he can’t behave his age, what the point of even bringing him and having him ruin the whole night for you? Go with friend, dress up, have fun and leave him at home. Consider this a huge red flag. If he can’t deal with letting you have one night of fun then he is going to be a jerk for lots of other things. Sad to say a boy in college isn’t mature enough to act his age at a high school function…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ps. Let us know how it went! Not just bad stuff, but fun stuff too! I went to 7 proms in high school and had fun at all of them. I had a lot of guy friends who just needed a date and went to schools close by. We went bowling after one, to see Godzilla after one, mini putput after one, and mostly danced and cut up. There was zero drinking or sex.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Random, but maybe he’s making a big deal out of this, because he’s embarrassed to go to a high school function or because he’s trying to create a big enough fight between you both to break up. He can’t just be nice for your sake for one night? Nah. Something stinks and it is not you.

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