“I don’t know what to do with my life”

I plan on becoming a police officer and I am currently studying a bachelor of policing. However, I don’t have much work experience and I am an extreme introvert and shy. I don’t really have many things I am good at, and to get a part-time job you need so much experience, or qualifications, and to get qualifications it costs too much. I don’t know where to start.. some help please?

“I’ve fallen in love with a woman my wife and I had a threesome with”

To start things I am married and madly in love with my wife. I understand that a lot of people will not understand the things I write here but it is the situation I am in.

My wife and I have a relationship with another couple that is far beyond traditional. The four of us often get together and things get sexual. This started because I had always had a fantasy of a threesome and my wife was game for it if we found another female we could agree on. We had known Crystal for several years and I knew she had an attraction towards my wife. So over time I worked on laying little clues and eventually flat out telling Crystal of my wife’s and my attraction towards her. Here is the kicker Crystal has a boyfriend and they are swingers in a sense.

Jade, Crystal, James (Crystal’s boyfriend), and I decided to take a trip together, where we planned to all have sex for the first time that night. Since then, the four of us have had sex together three times, and even once, James was unable to go on a trip, so Crystal decided to ask James for permission and he gave it to her. So the three of us had sex. Fantasy truly fulfilled.

However here is the true issue…. Continue reading