“My boyfriend never has sex with me”

Can you imagine being a 41 year old woman and you have no life?! Your kids treat you like pure shit and your boyfriend would rather go out drinking beer and watching football than spend one single minute alone with you.

You never have sex…oh, wait a minute, you might about once a month, or every 2 months, and only then because you cry that you never have it. So nice to have to force your boyfriend into having sex with you. Makes you feel like a disgusting piece of shit. Is he getting it elsewhere? Must be, as he used to have quite a high sex drive. Could I possibly start having sex with others? No strings attached, no falling in love, just an arrangement so I can feel some comfort in life. Sounds corny and like I’d copied it from a book but my heart is literally aching for someone to cuddle me, to feel attractive and wanted.

I can’t go on like this, but I can’t kill myself either. I am so desperate for sex it’s unreal, I am constantly fantasizing about it and watching porn but it’s not the same as having a body that wants you and lips that want to kiss you….I can’t even remember the last time I was kissed. I won’t even be able to have sex with him anyway because the only way it will come around is by me telling him I need it….not very romantic and the thought of having sex with someone because they feel they have to is massively off-putting to say the least!

Am I that repulsive? Do all males think I’m disgusting??? Now I know why men cheat when their wives don’t put out! What the fuck am I supposed to do??? He sleeps all day…wakes up, gets in he shower and goes out. I was laid next to him this morning and I almost couldn’t control myself but I didn’t want to be rejected again because that makes me feel even worse. We had a perfect opportunity this afternoon but he chose to go out instead, as usual!

Seriously, I need advice…shall I start going out so I can have no strings sex? Don’t tell me to talk to him because he just lies and says ‘I fancy you more than anything in the world baby’  then he’ll have drunk sex with me once and hope it will shut me the fuck up. I look forward to your advice xxx

2 thoughts on ““My boyfriend never has sex with me”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are in a position to change this situation. You can leave. You should do so and spend sometime out of a relationship. I would also suggest seeing a conselor to see why you are afraid to be out of a relationship rather than trying to fix one so disfunctional you believe it’s your issue that he won’t have sex. You are past the point of communication I think and you know it’s time to end it. You have a strangers permission to do so and if that doesn’t help, think of what you are now teaching your kids. You are teaching them it’s ok to do this to Mommy and all women. That may be why your kids treat you like shit. You seem to think you are and let him treat you like it instead of leaving. Don’t explain that you need resources. They are out there for you. You can do better and deserve better. Now go do it.

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