“I don’t know what to do with my life”

I plan on becoming a police officer and I am currently studying a bachelor of policing. However, I don’t have much work experience and I am an extreme introvert and shy. I don’t really have many things I am good at, and to get a part-time job you need so much experience, or qualifications, and to get qualifications it costs too much. I don’t know where to start.. some help please?

“I like a guy at work but I’m too shy to talk to him”

I’m having some trouble at work. It’s because of this guy that works with me. He started working there in November of last year and I’m starting to really like him. The problem is, I’m really quiet and shy around him. I try not to be, I have so much that I want to say, but can never say it. I just don’t know what to do. He sometimes talks to me while we’re working or before or after our shift. I’ve noticed that he’ll do certain things to impress me while we’re working too. And he always makes me laugh. Or sometimes I’ll even catch him staring at me from time to time.

I really want to talk with him more outside of work, I’m friends with him on Facebook, but I’m too shy and scared to make the first move and message him. I don’t want things getting weird at work either. And to make matters worse, I’m friends with his little sister who also works with us.

“How can I talk to this guy when I’m too shy?”

I’m a freshman in high school, and there is a Korean transfer student who is a junior. I’ve been meaning to talk to him for a while, but i’m terribly shy, so I ended up writing a note that basically said that he seems cool and that I would like to talk to him, but I’m shy, so don’t bring it upon yourself to talk to me; I’ll have to find my courage.

I somehow ended up with his number and we talked that afternoon. That was two days ago and I want to text him but I’m: 1) worried I might bother him ,2) really fricking shy, and 3) I’M REALLY WORRIED THAT I MIGHT BOTHER HIM. Not to mention I’m kinda too shy to actually talk to him at school, so it’s more like whenever I pass him in the hall, I smile and wave awkwardly. I need all kinds of help.

“I freeze up whenever I try to talk to a girl”

I’m a 23 year old male, and there’s this girl that I like. Problem is, I feel like I have no personality or an identity. The girl I like goes out a lot to drink and have fun and stuff, whereas I don’t do any of those things. There are many times where I want to break out of this shell and just go out, but, I just keep pulling myself back because I don’t really do that, and I’m afraid that I’ll be too boring.

I don’t go to parties because I’m the person that just sits down and never dances. I feel like I’m lost or something. I’m working minimum wage and some of my co-workers initiate conversations with me, but at the end of all of those conversations, I still feel empty. I can’t hold a conversation either, so I don’t know why they talk to me, but, I’m not going to say that to them. There are a lot of conflicting things happening to me, mentally. I see photos of my co-workers and their friends going out and having fun, and I just feel terrible. I feel like an old man inside a young body, and it sucks.

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“My boyfriend ignores me when we’re out and blows me off for his friends”

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. We have never had a fight, but there are some things I want to talk to him about. I feel like I can’t though — I don’t want to upset him. There are so many things that are bothering me and I don’t think I can hold them in anymore.

It first started a few months ago, when we were in a group of people, and I wasn’t really saying anything because I’m a shy person, and he just steps in front of me and cuts me out of the group. Another time, we were at a party with a bunch of his friends, and I didn’t really know anyone, but he would just leave me alone and go talk to a group of girls. He’d go up to his friends talking about how one of them looked like Anna Kendrick.

Another time, I asked him if he could pick me up from school, but he told me he was going out to lunch with “the guys” and I believed him. Later on he tells me that he actually went to coffee with a girl, Johnnie. She’s his friend, so I wouldn’t be too upset about it if he didn’t lie to me, but, the lying is what made me upset.

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How To Ask A Girl Out/Or if she likes me

There is this girl i like at school that i have liked for a year now. I told her last year about me liking her, but she never told me how she felt. I also told a girl i liked her in the past and it didnt go well, she didnt like me, but anyway, how do i ask this girl out in a normal way, or if she likes me or not, and how do i tell her i like her. Btw: We are graduating soon this year so I may never have a chance to tell/ask her ever again. I never had a girlfriend before so my knowledge on this subject is little.