“My boyfriend is lying about girls on Snapchat”

My boyfriend and I started dating back in July. Things have been great. We currently live together, however I feel like maybe we’ve been having issues lately? Before we started dating everyone told me he was a man whore. Even though he had been in a relationship with another girl for 8 years. He never cheated on her. He did things with other girls when they were broken up but never while they were together.

However I know he’s “talked” to other girls while in that relationship. I don’t mind him talking to other girls and having them on his snapchat as long as their intentions are good. However there’s this one girl who I can’t stand. They are 13 years apart. My boyfriend and I are 10 years apart. He was friends with her brother and that’s how he got to know her. It’s obvious she has a crush on him. She is always very rude to me whenever we are around each other. So I don’t like it when they talk because she likes talking to him and controlling him. And he just lets her!!! She used to even make him take a screen shot of who he was texting everyday and send it to her, he says because she thought he was talking to her brother’s ex girlfriend. However, he was in a relationship with the previous girl for 8 years at the time. And then I see messages that he said to her saying ‘well that’s good, I know what time I said it so I can look back in your photos to see if you did it or not ,to see if you want me to stay around.’

That was since we’ve been together. I asked him about it and he says he doesn’t remember what that was about. I don’t believe that at all. They argue a lot so a lot of the time one of them has deleted the other off Snapchat. She wasn’t on his Snapchat recently and I would ask him often if he had added her back on Snapchat and his response was always no. Well yesterday I went on his Snapchat to see some pics that he had saved of a horse we are looking at buying and I saw that she was back on there, I asked him when he added her back and he told me like 2 weeks ago. I’m so upset. He knows how much I don’t like her and I’ve been asking him several times a week if he had added her back and then all of a sudden I see it and she’s been on there for 2 weeks???

Then I want to know who he’s messed around with in the past because I don’t like going around people he’s messed around with and acting like everything is fine. That’s awkward. I want to know who he’s been with so I can be sure he’s not flirting with them anymore. I’ve never been cheated on before, I am just a very insecure person. He won’t tell me this one person. He’s always told me in the past but won’t this one person, and there’s a high chance we are around her a lot. What do I do?

2 thoughts on ““My boyfriend is lying about girls on Snapchat”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You don’t trust him.
    He knows you don’t trust him.
    He’s lying to you and making you feel insecure.
    You are being controlling in telling him who his friends can be.
    He knows that this girl is mean to you and yet still wants to be “friends” with her and ignores or just plain doesn’t give a **** how you feel.

    Seek couples counseling, because you two have issues that’s not going to be resolved without you both working on your relationship.

    Otherwise you have my validation to move on to someone who doesn’t play games and actually cares about how you feel. Best of luck to you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Walk away. Before you get any more vested into this.
    He clearly doesn’t care as to how you feel. He is happy to entertain another woman and make sure that he keeps her happy, than actually see to his live-in girlfriend.

    From your story, it seems quite clear that something is happening. It’s your decision if you want to stay around and watch him keep her happy, or move on and make yourself happy.

    Good luck!

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