“He’s talking marriage but I just don’t trust him”

I need some advice! My boyfriend and I have been together a total of almost a year and a half and just a few months ago he had “out of no where” broke up with me for about a month . It all started when his phone lit up and he received a text from a girl talking about what each of them like to do (like go hiking). They seemed to be talking about things in order to get to know each other.

I am all about having friends so I have never really went too far into anything , but this struck me as a little odd, so I confronted him and asked him to see the texts and he promptly said “no”, put his phone away and turned it around on me and exclaimed that if I trusted him I wouldn’t be asking him about it. Continue reading

“Shall I tell my ex about my side chick?”

I broke up with my girlfriend three weeks ago. It’s been two weeks with no contact, but long story short, I lied, strayed and hid stuff from her due to pressure from Uni, financial issues, and depression.

By strayed, I mean I did stuff I did not usually do, including have a ‘side chick’ who had no idea about me and my girlfriend being together.

My girlfriend found out about another incident where I drunkenly messaged an old flame and this old flame sent my message to my girlfriend who found out about it months later.
Basically, I became a guild-ridden self-loathing individual and she didn’t recognize me. She still says she loves me, just not the way she used to, and yet, she hoped I would change.

I’m trying to change now, trying to be better and fight this depression, but now my girlfriend and me have broken up…should I even bother telling her about the side chick? Or should I tell the side chick that I lied to her? Or should I just move on from the side chick and hope for the best?

If I want even the smallest bit of reconciliation with my ex, I don’t want this to pop up and hurt her in the future. I’m done with the lies, but is there a point to hurt her unnecessarily?

Please help.

“My boyfriend is lying about girls on Snapchat”

My boyfriend and I started dating back in July. Things have been great. We currently live together, however I feel like maybe we’ve been having issues lately? Before we started dating everyone told me he was a man whore. Even though he had been in a relationship with another girl for 8 years. He never cheated on her. He did things with other girls when they were broken up but never while they were together.

However I know he’s “talked” to other girls while in that relationship. I don’t mind him talking to other girls and having them on his snapchat as long as their intentions are good. However there’s this one girl who I can’t stand. They are 13 years apart. My boyfriend and I are 10 years apart. He was friends with her brother and that’s how he got to know her. It’s obvious she has a crush on him. Continue reading