“He ignores me and spends more time with his friends”

I need some advice… I don’t know what to do anymore…

My boyfriend always spends more time with his best friend than with me. When we have plans to go somewhere together, he always picks his friend up before me, to spend more time together. I usually have to wait longer than the time he said he would be there.

Last week really did it for me… he invited me to a block party and then said he wasn’t going and ended up going with his friends anyway. He completely ignored me all afternoon and I started to get worried because it isn’t like him to do that, so I reached out to his friend to see if he had heard from him, since I knew he hasn’t been feeling well the day before. His friend saw my message and ignored it. Continue reading

“I’m not lazy, I’m insecure”

I’m a college senior with an English major and a music minor. I’ve finished 75 of the required credits, I have 49 credits left to graduate, that means I’m taking 18 credits in the Fall of 2017, I’ll have to take 18 credits in the Spring of 2018, and at least 13 in my last semester to graduate in the Fall of 2018.

I also was born with Spastic Hemiplegic CP, and I suffer from dyscalculia as a result. I tried to go to the Disabilities specialist for my school with documentation of my disability to see if I could get out of the math core, but they wouldn’t budge, so I have to take College Applications Math (Finite Math) to graduate, even though it’s likely that I’ll never use it again afterwards in my life. I tried to take the three credit Finite Math class, and even got tutoring. But my grade wasn’t getting above an F in the class, even with all that help, so I dropped it. Now, I’m going to be taking the four credit Finite Math class, which is slower and covers some remedial topics. But I’m still not sure I’m going to be able to do it, even with the best tutoring. Continue reading

“Is he sleeping with a prostitute?”

I’m in a fairly new relationship but things have moved fast and we are expecting a baby in a few months. My boyfriend has a lot of friends male and female. I have no reason to not trust him. I found out today that one female friend, who he is particularly close to, works as a prostitute and he use to pay her for sex while single.

He has never told me this, though he has said they have known each other a long time and he initially met her again on Tinder (before me). My past relationship was very bad and he knows this, and that it left me insecure. My ex frequently went to prostitutes and had numerous affairs and online inappropriate behavior.

My question is, am I right to suddenly feel very, very uncomfortable about this friendship? He has never told me about her line of work etc let alone that he paid for her services (I do know he had been to a brothel tho as he did tell me this). I’m partly wondering if he hasn’t told me because he knows the damage my ex left on me and he really does just value the friendship (she is a lovely person). Or is it not all it seems and not so innocent ?? I don’t want to let my baggage cause me to overreact here but I feel I’d be doing an injustice to myself to do nothing …

“He has more of a relationship with his ex than with me”

My fiancé has this ex whom he has two kids with, and no matter how horrible she is to him it’s like he can’t leave her alone.

He tells her first about things in his life where I get to find out later. He’s quick to jump and run for whatever she wants and needs. He claims he isn’t in love with her and he doesn’t want to be with her. Says he loves me and wants a future with me, but he won’t let her go…it’s an everyday battle. She always comes first no matter what. I’ve said how it bothers me and he just tells me I’m being insecure. So am I just being insecure?

“We are both having affairs; can we be together?”

I’m his Mistress and I’m married, but he’s finally divorced and starting a new job.

I know I shouldn’t expect anything different but we’ve been together for 3 years and he’s leaving to start a new job. On the one hand we’ll have more time together in the evenings because he’ll have his own place, but on the other hand he’ll be surrounded by new colleagues including women that will be interested in him since he’s attractive, successful and now technically single. Continue reading

“My boyfriend is lying about girls on Snapchat”

My boyfriend and I started dating back in July. Things have been great. We currently live together, however I feel like maybe we’ve been having issues lately? Before we started dating everyone told me he was a man whore. Even though he had been in a relationship with another girl for 8 years. He never cheated on her. He did things with other girls when they were broken up but never while they were together.

However I know he’s “talked” to other girls while in that relationship. I don’t mind him talking to other girls and having them on his snapchat as long as their intentions are good. However there’s this one girl who I can’t stand. They are 13 years apart. My boyfriend and I are 10 years apart. He was friends with her brother and that’s how he got to know her. It’s obvious she has a crush on him. Continue reading