“I’ve got no idea what is going on with my work colleagues”

Since a year now, this guy who is a manager, complained that a girl, we’ll call her girl A, does not like him. Girl A treats him indifferently. At the same time the guy was, and has been, becoming closer to someone we’ll call girl B; who has always been in love with him. This guy and girl B having a relationship now. It seems like they are hiding some of it.

Girl B thinks girl A likes the guy, and flaunts her closeness with the guy. But when girl A first met him, she had already mentioned that he is unattractive to her, despite everyone swooning over him. Girl B kept telling girl A about how she feels about getting him. Girl A was and has been indifferent to the situation. But Girl B acted threatened that the guy will like Girl A. Especially because he kept talking to everyone about girl A not liking him, even though he helps her. Continue reading

“My work friend hugs me every time he sees me”

So there’s a guy I like at work. The other day he says to me, “Don’t misconstrue, but you are beautiful. You are very attractive. You got something”. What the heck does “you got something” mean? And how am I supposed to take his words?

He has been a friend to me up to this point, helping me through my divorce, giving me advice, but tainted heavily with him coaching me to get a divorce (my husband cheated), hugs me every time he sees me. Last time he hugged me, as he was letting me go, he ran his hand down the back of my arm and squeezed my hand. So I don’t know how to approach him now. Any help would be appreciated.


“My love life is a complete mess”

I’ve made my love life a complete mess. I was dating this wonderful guy, off and on for 3 years. I cheated on him twice (yes I know, I’m awful) but we got back together after both.

He bought me all kinds of thoughtful gifts, made me close with his family, planned a future and was just great. In February I broke up with him to date my friend from work, who I thought I was madly in love with. It felt incredible, like my last relationship just sucked, and this felt great. That only lasted for a few months and now I feel sad all of the time and find myself constantly thinking about my ex.

I currently live with my boyfriend which makes this all so much worse. Do you think I actually regret ending the relationship? How can I love someone and want to be with them if it was so easy to leave?


“I found out he had used hookers”

5 months ago I started dating a guy from work, and it was a total dream come true. He’s smart, driven, mature, career started, and a nice change for my age group, a handy man. But I don’t know if it was the trust issues from my ex, or what, but I went though his phone this weekend and found out he had been using Tinder, and hookers (multiple) before he met me.

So here’s the issue, I’m the kinda girl that thinks Tinder is where dreams go to die. I have never, and will never hook up with anyone, and am really careful with STDs. I’ve made every guy I’ve been with, give me a signed doctors note  saying they have been tested (way to shoot romance in the face right?)

I confronted him and he told me the truth and that he was ashamed, and just so lonely. He kinda told me about this stuff before I found it, so I gotta give him credit for that. But he did lie, and he only lied because he knew I would have left him if I found this out earlier. He had been single basically his whole life, and has a lot of family issues. Does that make it okay? Should I overlook this? Do people get a “ do over” button when they start a new relationship? He said that most people our age are like this and no matter what guy I’m with, he will have done similar things. so now what?

“I like this guy at work”

I’ve met a guy at work last week, and it clicked on all levels, I can’t stop thinking about him! But the day we met was his last day in our office, now he works in different one. Should I send him an email and ask how his new place is? Don’t even know if he would respond, but I think he liked me too. Should I email him??

Forgot to mention, I’m already married…


“My ex wants to shag his colleague”

Me and my ex broke up over the weekend but we are still living together as tied by a contract.

He works with a guy who he has never spoken to or socialised with online before all their interactions have been at work or with work colleagues on social events.

Within hours this guy messaged my partner on Facebook, which my partner showed me, and was the first communication ever sent between the two. That night my partner proceeded to tell me this guy was flirting, and after three days they are talking non stop.

He says the guy is just cheering him up, and is a friend even though they went from never communicating online to non stop as soon as we broke up.

While we was together my partner told me they had top 5 shag lists and this guy was on his, and he regrets not sleeping with him when he was single.

I’m devastated that it feels like he moved on within hours, and just can’t believe when he says it’s innocent.

“He’s texting a girl from work a lot”

My boyfriend and I met on Tinder about 4 and a half months ago. About 2 months after we started our relationship, I cheated on him. I felt terrible about it and I’ve never had so much regret. He found out about a week later and was very upset but forgave me because he had cheated on his previous girlfriend.

According to him, he knew what I was going through in a sense. Since then, I haven’t even talked to another guy. But lately, maybe over the past month or so, I notice him texting a girl from his work. I wouldn’t be too concerned about this but it’s almost like he texts her nonstop, definitely more than he texts me. I don’t want to bring it up to him because I don’t have any real cause for alarm and I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite, but it really bothers me. It wouldn’t bother me as much if they were talking about work related things but it’s more personal like where he is, what he’s doing, and her guy problems. I’m not sure if I should talk to him about it or just try to ignore it. Please help.

“Is he shy or just not into me?”

A friend of a work colleague asked me out for coffee after we spent an evening chatting on a work night out. We knew of each other before the night out but had never really chatted before. They’re older than me, but I know that they have a thing for younger women (this guy has a reputation for messaging women at night, randomly, nothing too creepy but still – not great!)

I went for the coffee and we (I think) had a great time. Chatted naturally and whilst the date ended with no physical contact (not even a hug,) he text me that evening to say it was good to catch up. I’ve text him since with a tiny bit of small talk but he hasn’t asked me out again. He hasn’t been creepy or inappropriate. Given his reputation I am surprised he’s not being more forthcoming… Am I being stupid why hasn’t asked me out again? His friend (my work colleague who doesn’t know about our coffee date) told me he was single, shy, and a really nice guy and I do get that vibe from him. Is he shy and waiting for me to ask him out? Or – just not that into me?!

“I like a guy at work but I’m too shy to talk to him”

I’m having some trouble at work. It’s because of this guy that works with me. He started working there in November of last year and I’m starting to really like him. The problem is, I’m really quiet and shy around him. I try not to be, I have so much that I want to say, but can never say it. I just don’t know what to do. He sometimes talks to me while we’re working or before or after our shift. I’ve noticed that he’ll do certain things to impress me while we’re working too. And he always makes me laugh. Or sometimes I’ll even catch him staring at me from time to time.

I really want to talk with him more outside of work, I’m friends with him on Facebook, but I’m too shy and scared to make the first move and message him. I don’t want things getting weird at work either. And to make matters worse, I’m friends with his little sister who also works with us.

“Should I cut her out of my life entirely?”

I’ve been working with this girl for about half a year. The first week we both started, I introduced myself, as I did to everyone else I didn’t know. She came up to me later and started a conversation with me. Asking what I liked to do, I told her I was into hiking and some other stuff. She was quick to ask when I was going next and with who, and asked that I hit her up and bring her. Continue reading