“My ex wants to shag his colleague”

Me and my ex broke up over the weekend but we are still living together as tied by a contract.

He works with a guy who he has never spoken to or socialised with online before all their interactions have been at work or with work colleagues on social events.

Within hours this guy messaged my partner on Facebook, which my partner showed me, and was the first communication ever sent between the two. That night my partner proceeded to tell me this guy was flirting, and after three days they are talking non stop.

He says the guy is just cheering him up, and is a friend even though they went from never communicating online to non stop as soon as we broke up.

While we was together my partner told me they had top 5 shag lists and this guy was on his, and he regrets not sleeping with him when he was single.

I’m devastated that it feels like he moved on within hours, and just can’t believe when he says it’s innocent.

One thought on ““My ex wants to shag his colleague”

  1. Chattii says:

    That is hard. I’m sorry about that. I do want to share with u though that ur allowed to be upset about this, but that doesn’t mean that u should let it effect you or the way you love forever. Unfortunately, the people who we cared, maybe still do care, about and we thought cared for us wasn’t as strong as a bond for them as it was for us. Doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you or something wrong with them, sometimes people aren’t meant to get along and some people click instantly. We can’t help what we feel. You can’t help feeling upset about this situation but I’m sure they can’t help the excitement they get when they see a text from this other person. It doesn’t make any of you less worthy of love. I say do what you can to get past this and come back to a positive state a mind, maybe even forgive them. You don’t have to say it or anything but just be aware that life isn’t fair and love doesn’t play by rules. Also, at the end of the day does anyone really want to be with someone who isn’t as invested as we are? You deserve someone who won’t be moving on from you at all, let alone that fast. Be glad this happened and learn from it, go through the relationship and learn what you didn’t like, what you did and how you grew from it. If you do that I promise the next person you get serious about it will be a better, stronger relationship. Also, whenever you’re ready maybe flip the mirror on yourself, we are not perfect and can always improve things. Ex. I was really hotheaded with my ex and I realized I needed to find ways to express my anger in a healthier way, and though I’m not perfect at it now I can 100% say my relationship now would never be what it is if I hadn’t made the realization about myself and my flaw in the past relationship.
    Last but not least, do not use this as an excuse to not go in 100% in ur next relationship(s). its just a waste of time in my opinion.
    Sorry it’s long, I hope it helps 🙂

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