“Is he into the idea of me?”

I have a parent who creates online content and has a semi decent following. Recently he introduced me to a friend of his (same age) who has been a long time fan of his work. However this guy seems to have made a lot of effort for me, despite the fact we don’t actually know each other.

He waited a year to talk to me after he was initially introduced to me (online) while I was already in a relationship. Then we started talking a little bit when that relationship with my ex ended. Within those 2 months, he’s flown internationally to visit me, and then my dad. So we met for the first time. In person. He told me he was into me, and looking at transferring schools to either mine or my dad’s city.

This seems excessive. I’d be uncomfortable with someone I’ve known for a long time going to this kind of effort for me, but someone I’ve only been talking to for a few months? And this is someone that honestly doesn’t even know the start of who I am.

I wonder if he’s really into me at all or into the idea of me being my father’s daughter.

Do these seem like worrying signs, or am I reading too far into all this?


“When do I buy her engagement ring?”

I’m planning on proposing to my gf after a year of travelling, and I don’t know whether to buy the ring before leaving or while away. If bought while we’re away and something goes wrong with the ring once we’re home it could be complicated to fix and get sorted.

If I buy it before we go and we’re staying in hostels, it could be risky, as it could get lost or she could even find it. Even if I bought it here, taking it away could be difficult in my luggage, or on my person with the metal detector lol! Anyone have any advice on what to do?

“I found out she cheated on me 4 years later!”

My question is this, I’ve been in a relationship for 4 years. I just recently found out that back when we first started talking and about to start dating, she had to take a trip to go get a divorce that was already in the works, finalized.

When she went to CA from FL to do that, she ended up fucking someone there she used to hang out with (before she left for CA we were having sex,) then she asks me to pick her up when she got back and at the time I didn’t know she did this till now (4 years later.) So now in my head I just realized that we had sex, she left, had sex with someone, then came back and had sex with me. Should I be allowed to be mad? In legalities, we weren’t officially dating from her words.

“I don’t feel like my boyfriend appreciates me”

We are in a long distance relationship for the summer and he rarely makes time for me. He says we should Skype but when I bring it up he always has a reason to blow me off. When I travel a long distance to see him (I always go to him, he never comes to me), he spends the majority of the time playing video games or watching videos while I wait for him to finish (he never does). I try to show interest in his hobbies, but he always puts them before me.  Continue reading

“Should I be with this married man to further my career?”

I’ve been struggling with a decision I’ve recently made, or if I should make the complete opposite decision. I have asked very few friends and family for their words of wisdom, and wanted advice from an outsider’s perspective.

I have recently taken on a new career (in the arts, freelance) and met an extremely successful, well-known artist in this same area with highly notable contacts and connections, who frequently takes trips/travels to exotic locations for jobs. We immediately took a liking to one another (a little too much). Continue reading

“Should I go to my sister’s wedding?”

I’m in a long distance relationship and we plan out our visits months ahead of time because we know what long weekends we will have to see each other.

My sister broke up with her boyfriend in August, was dating a new guy two weeks later, and 3 months later in November she was engaged to the new guy. They announced they would be married a year from then. Suddenly in December, they announced they would be getting married in 6 weeks. (Some background… this new boyfriend got her involved in Amway, a company known for its multilevel marketing aka a pyramid scheme.) We did our research and the company works more in your honor as a married couple. So our consensus – they are marrying such short notice because of their jobs BUT they are telling everyone it’s so soon because they want a small wedding with immediate family only. Continue reading