“Should I go to my sister’s wedding?”

I’m in a long distance relationship and we plan out our visits months ahead of time because we know what long weekends we will have to see each other.

My sister broke up with her boyfriend in August, was dating a new guy two weeks later, and 3 months later in November she was engaged to the new guy. They announced they would be married a year from then. Suddenly in December, they announced they would be getting married in 6 weeks. (Some background… this new boyfriend got her involved in Amway, a company known for its multilevel marketing aka a pyramid scheme.) We did our research and the company works more in your honor as a married couple. So our consensus – they are marrying such short notice because of their jobs BUT they are telling everyone it’s so soon because they want a small wedding with immediate family only. That being said, they live in Vegas and the majority of our immediate family lives in Connecticut. So their guest list consists of a number of distant friends and relatives that conveniently live closer. So basically, they are rushing their wedding, giving no thought or consideration to all their family that cannot make it.  Her wedding also lands on the weekend that I was supposed to fly out to see my boyfriend, one of three visits over a 6 month period- there’s a chance I won’t see him that weekend anyway. I refuse to allow anyone pay for my $700 plane ticket to the wedding and my dad is pissed I declined his offer (he can’t afford it.)

So is it wrong of me to not attend her wedding being that I may be with my boyfriend, and it’s too costly for me to go? And she’s getting married under rushed circumstances making it a difficult situation to even make it there? Sorry, very biased, but someone tell me if I’m wrong.

One thought on ““Should I go to my sister’s wedding?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You made your plans first. You don’t need to explain them to anyone, including your dad. You have your budget. Also she picked this date without asking people if they had plans. She knew the consequences. Let your soon to be divorced sister make her mistake and go to her next wedding.

    That being said, send a nice gift with a receipt and thank her for the invitation. I’ve had to deal with this too. My little sister was on her third marriage by 24, my elder sister’s are on the second or third marriage, mom’s been married 4 times and my aunt’s been married 4 times. The fourth time was the charm for them both, with both marriages lasting 20+ years. I don’t judge them. Crap happens and it’s always easier to see the snowball of drama once you’re not inside it.

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