“When do I buy her engagement ring?”

I’m planning on proposing to my gf after a year of travelling, and I don’t know whether to buy the ring before leaving or while away. If bought while we’re away and something goes wrong with the ring once we’re home it could be complicated to fix and get sorted.

If I buy it before we go and we’re staying in hostels, it could be risky, as it could get lost or she could even find it. Even if I bought it here, taking it away could be difficult in my luggage, or on my person with the metal detector lol! Anyone have any advice on what to do?

One thought on ““When do I buy her engagement ring?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Propose and let her choose her own ring. It can be a bonding experience to shop for your rings together. She’s the one who has to wear it and maybe she wants to do one of those sets that mesh into each other or doesn’t like diamonds, etc. Did you know that engagement ring proposals are actually a kinda recent thing only starting in the 19th century? The diamond ones started post world war II by a advertising line. Also that the ring finger on the left hand third finger was not always true. In the 15th century wedded couples tended to wear the wedding ring on the thumb.

    chuckle My husband wore his wedding ring all of three weeks before he had to change it alltogther to a carbonate ring, due to the danger of electrocution at his work place. He works in IT and ends up fixing a lot of computers and working on random cords.

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