“I found out he had used hookers”

5 months ago I started dating a guy from work, and it was a total dream come true. He’s smart, driven, mature, career started, and a nice change for my age group, a handy man. But I don’t know if it was the trust issues from my ex, or what, but I went though his phone this weekend and found out he had been using Tinder, and hookers (multiple) before he met me.

So here’s the issue, I’m the kinda girl that thinks Tinder is where dreams go to die. I have never, and will never hook up with anyone, and am really careful with STDs. I’ve made every guy I’ve been with, give me a signed doctors note  saying they have been tested (way to shoot romance in the face right?)

I confronted him and he told me the truth and that he was ashamed, and just so lonely. He kinda told me about this stuff before I found it, so I gotta give him credit for that. But he did lie, and he only lied because he knew I would have left him if I found this out earlier. He had been single basically his whole life, and has a lot of family issues. Does that make it okay? Should I overlook this? Do people get a “ do over” button when they start a new relationship? He said that most people our age are like this and no matter what guy I’m with, he will have done similar things. so now what?

“I found out my boyfriend is on Tinder”

I have been dating my boyfriend for year now. About 5 months ago, my boyfriend left for a week to Canada to play in a hockey tournament. When he came back, I found a screenshot of a girl from Snapchat on his camera roll, which led to me also finding his Tinder account. He was using his Tinder account when he was out in Canada.

His team had won the tournament, and his last night they went out. The screenshot of the girl was some Canadian girl from Tinder, and from the glimpse of the text said “I had a really fun night,” but I didn’t have the gut to read their text messages (the girls he message on Tinder were just flirting — he only gave his number out to this Canadian girl). Continue reading

“He acted romantic, but then didn’t want anything serious”

I got matched with this guy on Tinder. We talked for a couple of days and decided to meet up. The first planned meeting didn’t happen because he was too tired from work. Yup, he is flaky! But it eventually happened a few days later, when he had his off day from work. It was plain getting to know each other through a meal and a couple of drinks. He walked me to the bus station, I went home and that was it. Nothing physical. Didn’t realise the purpose of Tinder changed!

We texted almost daily after that. I invited him over to mine for our second meeting. We had sex. And a couple of times more across a few weeks. Then, it turned out weird. We started going on romantic dates. We walked the park. We explored some new places. We watched movies. We met up for dinners. Sometimes with sex after, sometimes without. It got really confusing. We would cuddle all night and have breakfast together. It wasn’t just about sex anymore.

From the beginning, we assured each other that we don’t want anything serious, especially since I am leaving the country in a year time. But, eventually, I got attached and I confronted him. He then said he doesn’t want to take things further and would only like to meet sometimes and sleep together. Continue reading

“I keep falling for guys I meet on Tinder”

After a heartbreak years ago, I’ve since been on a weird Tinder spree. I was a virgin at the beginning of the year, and have since slept with seven or eight men.

The trouble is, along he way I’ve met a couple of guys I fell hard for, which make me decided to delete Tinder, because I can’t keep reliving this cycle of heartbreak and then needing validation. I’ve never been in a long-term relationship and have absolutely no idea how to handle one. Continue reading

“How do I get her attention?”

I met a girl on Tinder about four weeks ago. The first week, we talked on the phone because she has a job and she was out of town the whole week. When she returned to town, I asked her out to go see a play and get dinner on a Friday. After the play and dinner, I took her to my photography studio and showed her around. She’s into photography as well, so she seemed to be happy to see it.

When I dropped her back off at her car we hugged and we kissed on the lips. The third week, I asked her out fishing (she actually suggested fishing). We were set to go Saturday, but that Friday, she said she was going to have to do something with her mom in the morning, so we cancelled the fishing outing.

Now it is the fourth week of us talking. I’m trying to figure out a good way to get her attention. I really like her and she said she wants to go out again when she isn’t so busy. This weekend her friends are in town, so we probably won’t be doing anything. How can I impress her? I feel like we have a ton in common and really don’t want to screw this one up. Thanks.

“The guy I’m into has stopped responding to my messages”

So, I’m 18 and I know that’s young to be looking for a committed relationship, but I’ve just wanted a guy to notice me. The ones who notice me are only interested in what they can get and I keep seeing my peers having boyfriends stay with them for years. This has been happening for so long that I don’t believe any guy could be interested in me ever.

I recently matched with guy on tinder (yes I know this is mainly a hook-up app) but he seemed really nice and totally interested in me (he just asked such mundane questions it felt so nice and normal). We talked for a week straight on tinder then we started snapchatting each other. He was a perfect gentleman (we also have mutual connections so I think this gave us a wider range of topics to talk about), but all of a sudden he just seemed to lose interest.

Continue reading