“I’m a virgin and want to have sex and date”

Hello, I’m 19 and here’s my issue. I’m a junior college student who never had a girlfriend in his life, and is a virgin. I’ve been working hard, but now I feel somehow, it’s like I need to have sex, but İ feel that if I do so, I will regret it, in that I won’t focus anymore in classes, and won’t perform very well anymore.

I’m shy, but I do have many female friends. I’m a Christian, so it’s not good for me, if I can say so, to watch porn. But to ease my desire to have sex, İ watch porn and masturbate, but I feel like it aggravates the situation and I can’t stop doing those things… Sorry if you’re getting uncomfortable… I just want to say the whole truth.

What do I need to do? Have sex with a girl ASAP or hold myself back with all those desires until I graduate, and still wonder how I can satisfy myself with not many girls around as in school. What’s the best thing to do? I’m rather timid, and I don’t know what to do anymore. Being a hard worker is good in the workforce, but not with a girl, and İ have no idea how to deal with girls, especially when it comes to dating and having sex. What should I do? Again, sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable. Thank you in advance.


“My crush turned into an obsession”

I met this one girl a few years ago and fell in love with her almost immediately. She was always outgoing and kind, and outrageously good looking. But more importantly, I felt I saw an element in her personality that no one else that I know has. And I loved it.

I felt that pursuing a relationship with her would have been remiss, however, given that we share different religious beliefs. I also assumed that I would find someone who was more attractive physically and in personality, and share my beliefs. But I still have yet to meet anyone other than her that I find attractive, and the more I try to stop thinking about it, the more lonely and frustrated I feel.

I thought that I would just have a crush on her for a few weeks, and forget about her, but thinking about not having her has become a living nightmare. I can’t stop thinking about her. This has been going on for three years, and is quickly becoming an obsession. Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

“My mum caught me talking to a boy”

I am a Syrian muslim girl, born and raised in England, turning 20 in a month. I am second year Pharmacy student, currently revising for my end of year exams (eeek), I wish that was my problem though, but oh nono nooo.

Basically, I have a group of friends- consisting of girls, but this year a group of boys have become closer to us, and me and this guy- Foyzul have become really close- we call ourselves library buddies- we go to the library together everyday and get a lot of work done, and it’s really good; we motivate each other a lot- I get more work done when I’m with him. So we are currently on our holidays, and we’ve still been talking- video calling, mainly to motivate each other to revise, and ask each other for help etc etc. Continue reading

“The biggest problem is that he’s not Christian”

I’m currently in college and have been in a LDR (~3,742 miles – overseas) for over 3 1/2 years now. I’m very happy, but the biggest problem is that he’s not Christian… There’s another guy, though, who goes to the church I go to while I’m at college. He’s super sweet, but he rarely talks to me.

Once in a blue moon we’ll have a five minute conversation, but I think he might be kind of reluctant to talk to me because of the boyfriend I have, or he’s just super shy (don’t get me wrong here, but I think he likes me because every now and then I’ll catch him glancing at me and what not). Now my current boyfriend is trying to come to Jesus, but it’s seeming to be really difficult for him. I just don’t know what to do. If I could put qualities of both of them into another guy, I would, but I can’t. I don’t want to give up everything I’ve invested with my current boyfriend, but I don’t want to never experience the other guy either.

“How can I tell my religious family I’m bisexual?”

I come from a very religious family. My mother is very strict on me and there’s a lot I don’t tell her because I’m scared of her reaction. I’m bisexual, but I have always liked guys who she has wanted me to like, and if she didn’t like them, then I wouldn’t date them.

I’m currently 19 years old and I really like a guy who is a trans male. I don’t really want to tell her, or anyone, because I’m scared of how they’ll react. But I really like him and I get sad knowing I haven’t been able to share it with my mom or my friends. How can I tell my friends or my mother how I feel, without making the situation uncomfortable for everyone? I really like him and I want to be able to talk about him in a romantic way.

“I like this guy, but dating is against my religion”

So, in my religion, dating is strictly prohibited. I graduated high school this past June, and I met this boy in eighth grade. He is such a sweetheart and we both have dreams of playing professional soccer, and I know he likes me a lot, I do, too. He’s gonna be a senior this year while I start college, but I skipped a grade, so he’s older than me by two days. I am commuting, and he is now homeschooled so he can focus on soccer, so it could work out.

He’s in Germany right now training with a junior pro team and he says he thinks he’ll move back after school. I told him I want to move to a bigger soccer country when I graduate, and he said he’ll take me with him.

What I am really wondering is if I should go for it, and lose everything I’ve learned in my religion, or should we stay friends? I like really like him and I’ve never had a crush before, but if we date that would mean sneaking around my parents. Ugh! Please help!