“I like this guy, but dating is against my religion”

So, in my religion, dating is strictly prohibited. I graduated high school this past June, and I met this boy in eighth grade. He is such a sweetheart and we both have dreams of playing professional soccer, and I know he likes me a lot, I do, too. He’s gonna be a senior this year while I start college, but I skipped a grade, so he’s older than me by two days. I am commuting, and he is now homeschooled so he can focus on soccer, so it could work out.

He’s in Germany right now training with a junior pro team and he says he thinks he’ll move back after school. I told him I want to move to a bigger soccer country when I graduate, and he said he’ll take me with him.

What I am really wondering is if I should go for it, and lose everything I’ve learned in my religion, or should we stay friends? I like really like him and I’ve never had a crush before, but if we date that would mean sneaking around my parents. Ugh! Please help!

2 thoughts on ““I like this guy, but dating is against my religion”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it your religion, or your parents religion? Take some time to decide if that is what you want to follow. If it is, this guy is probably not worth trading in your beliefs, but, if you’re just worried about what your parents will think, you should follow your own desires. I’d strongly advise you to consider the consequences of sneaking around your parents, especially if you’re still dependent on them, but don’t let them make your decisions for you.
    (Also, I’m curious what religion prohibits dating?)

  2. ME says:

    Listen to the person who commented before. Really take the time to think about it and what you really want. and what your religion means to you and all it entitles. I was in the same situation. The guy was in a religion where he was not allowed to date out of it, and well I was the girl on the other side. We went for it during the end of our sophomore year. We snuck around, we lied, we hid, from his church and his family. My family did not appreciate me being a secret. It was very difficult, but we loved each other. We stayed together for 5 years. It was a very stressful time, with so much happening. We broke up because all became so much, and we came to a stand still where he wasn’t going to leave and I wasn’t going to convert. I truly loved him, but it is a hard decision to make. I personally learned a lot. You never know he could be the love of your life, just think about everything seriously.

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