“I’m a virgin and want to have sex and date”

Hello, I’m 19 and here’s my issue. I’m a junior college student who never had a girlfriend in his life, and is a virgin. I’ve been working hard, but now I feel somehow, it’s like I need to have sex, but İ feel that if I do so, I will regret it, in that I won’t focus anymore in classes, and won’t perform very well anymore.

I’m shy, but I do have many female friends. I’m a Christian, so it’s not good for me, if I can say so, to watch porn. But to ease my desire to have sex, İ watch porn and masturbate, but I feel like it aggravates the situation and I can’t stop doing those things… Sorry if you’re getting uncomfortable… I just want to say the whole truth.

What do I need to do? Have sex with a girl ASAP or hold myself back with all those desires until I graduate, and still wonder how I can satisfy myself with not many girls around as in school. What’s the best thing to do? I’m rather timid, and I don’t know what to do anymore. Being a hard worker is good in the workforce, but not with a girl, and İ have no idea how to deal with girls, especially when it comes to dating and having sex. What should I do? Again, sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable. Thank you in advance.


One thought on ““I’m a virgin and want to have sex and date”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that many people struggle with religion and natural urges. There is nothing wrong with sex and I honestly have no issue with masterbation. I think that you may want to talk to a college counselor in person so you can get a more clear idea of what you need and a healthy way of going about it.

    Honestly I think more people are losing their religion over the contradictory messages it sends about nature human urges and when they learn that not every thing is black and white. College is a good place to broaden your understanding.

    Girls are people too. It’s not going to be easier to meet women after college so you need to start dating now to learn more about them and yourself. If you find dating is detracting your studies then stop. Easier said than done, but can be done.

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