“Do I take her back and face the backlash?”

I was in a relationship with this girl for 9 months, but it all abruptly came to an ended recently when we got into a….quarrel. Things escalated when she put her hands on me. I defended myself , she packed her things.

She called people to fight because she told them I put my hands on her and I called people as well. A fight happened involving both sides . This ended with her bleaching my carpets , some of clothes and ramming my car . We both ended up getting pfas (protection from abuse orders) equivalent to restraining orders, on each other.

But we both sat down and agreed those were unnecessary and the carpet she would replace. Now my question is where do we go from here, I love this girl and we usually argue, make up and be done with the situation, but too much happened this time, she went too far and too many people were involved. Do I let this go ? Or do I take her back and just face the backlash and negativity I’m going to receive from friends and family for forgetting any of this happened and going back to her . Please help, I don’t know what to do .

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