“My marriage is falling apart”

When I met my wife, she was in normal fit shape, and her natural body and face is 10/10 beautiful, like unbelievably so, to the point that she could get whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. If she could sing she might be famous. But I was not interested in her because she seemed so into getting attention for her looks. It put me off.

At some point she actually gained a lot of weight, like 100 lbs really fast. I was friends with her during that time (not necessarily close) and never really considered being with her, I was honestly concerned for her because she had gained so much weight incredibly fast and she would literally be dead now if she had kept that up. She eventually lost most of that weight. We got together when we ran into each other and she helped me with a place to stay on campus at our school, after a bad breakup that left me with no place to live for awhile.. As we talked, she explained how she had started focusing on spirituality in life (not any specific religion, same as myself) and I fell for her. I made a mistake believing that she had changed. I made several mistakes. I thought I would be on her side by acknowledging how her body had changed and supporting her to be mentally and physically healthy. Continue reading

“He’s overweight, has poor hygiene, but I like him!”

I’m dating this guy, we’ve known each other for 8 months now. We started hanging out as friends, but approx. 2 months ago we kissed for the first time, and since then it’s starting to get kinda serious. It’s funny because we weren’t expecting it, it just happened for some reasons.

Problem: I don’t find him attractive. He has a cute face, but he is quite overweight and doesn’t seem to take care of himself at all. And trust me, I’m not that picky when it comes to looks and body hygiene… Continue reading

“I’m depressed because of my stretch marks”

I’m a 16 year old girl and I have very prominent stretch marks because I’m so pale and because I have gained a lot of weight in the past few months. Recently I’ve been really upset by them because they’re getting worse.

I recently had a really bad fight with my best friend and he won’t talk to me anymore. I don’t handle emotions well because of my depression, anxiety etc. I don’t have enough money to have the operation of the laser removal treatments, so I’m trying to find a way to feel better about them. Right now I feel ugly and fat, like even if I lose this weight I won’t be any better because these are going to be on my body forever. They’re on my stomach, hips, thighs, arms, sides and breasts. I’m just looking for ways to make them fade or even just advice on how to feel better about them. I know I’m overweight and I’m working on feeling better about my shape but the marks really make me feel bad about myself. Anything helps.

“I feel like I should be in a much better place in my life”

I am 30 years old. I am overweight, but working on it. All I have is a GED and a couple certifications. I am sociable, but not quite socially adept, as I have never had a spouse. What I enjoy most does not make me any money, and what can make me money, I can’t seem to focus enough on academia to do.

I start a new job soon, but it is a linear, dead-end job. It hurts my ego a bit, as I feel like I should be in a much better place in my life, but, due to my choices, I am not. I feel slightly out of touch or disassociated with things, apathetic toward most  things these days. I am an atheist, so any thoughts of mortality tend to scare me enough that I wake up in a very depressed mood, repeating a phrase before falling asleep again to feel nothing in the morning enough so that I can go about my day. Continue reading

Am I too overweight to date a great and attractive guy? :(


So, a little back story: I was in a very bad relationship for 7 years and have 3 children. My ex started a new job and within 3 weeks, he found a new coworker/girlfriend. Thus, leaving me and our three children. I was constantly put down and told I couldn’t do things, it was a pretty rough situation. Despite the circumstances, I’m happy it’s over and I’m free.

I have my children all the time (except when I’m working) and I’m happy about this… but a year has passed and I signed up for a dating site, not really looking, just seeing what was out there. And I met a GREAT guy.

I mean, perfect. Has kids and is a great dad, great job, incredibly funny and keeps me laughing, EXTREMELY handsome. And there lies the problem.

I’m not sure if my self esteem is just way down or if my feelings are legit. I feel hideous. He calls me beautiful all of the time and other things, so he’s obviously attracted to me, right?

We’ve been talking for two months and he really wants to just hang out. It shouldn’t be that hard. But I feel like my pictures are unintentionally misleading. My face is good, my body is a mess. I’ve taken pictures but they’re at great angles or something because they don’t seem to capture how heavy I really think I look.

I weigh about 200 pounds from terrible diet, back to back pregnancies, and lack of exercise. I’ve recently been going to the gym and lost 38 lbs. But I still feel like a huge monster.

I know he likes me and I like him, but I don’t want him to meet me and he be disappointed and me miss out on a great guy because he’s not physically attracted to me. Physical attraction isn’t everything but it’s still somewhat important.

My issue is, I could look great in 6 months to a year. I could lose weight and be good enough, but if I meet him now, I could ruin it.

Do I just get this over with and meet him? I know he wont wait forever. How can I get over this feeling? How do I handle it if he’s disappointed in what he’s meeting…

Any advice…?